10 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Look


It is easy to fall into a comfortable and familiar beauty and fashion routine. You find looks that you like and which look good on you, and you stick with them. Sooner than you realize, your fashion and beauty routines have become boring.

Fortunately, you can switch up your look easily. Making one or two small changes is often enough to re-energize the way that you present yourself.

Follow these 10 tips to switch up your look in a jiff.

1. Something Borrowed

Why not try a swap of one or more clothing items with a friend or your spouse or partner?
Does your BFF have a to-die-for belt that she doesn’t actually wear very much?

Perhaps she would be willing to swap it for that brooch your ex gave you that you never really liked.

You could make the initial swap temporary with the option to make the arrangement permanent if both parties agree.

2. A New Twist on Something Old

Chances are there are several items in your wardrobe that could serve double duty.
For instance, you may have a really huge scarf that your Great Aunt Mildred gave you for your birthday.

You actually like the design, but you don’t wear it much because it’s so large.
Why not use it as a wrap over a summer dress?
If the scarf is really large and you’re fairly small, you may be able to wear it as a tube top.

3. Flatter Your Feet

Shoes, wonderful shoes. A new pair of shoes can make an outfit that you’ve had for years look fresh and new.

Whether you prefer classic styles or trendy fashions, purchasing a new pair of shoes is a sure-fire way to switch up your look in a hurry.
You don’t have to torture your feet in heels if you hate them – flats and even flip flops can also provide a fashion punch.

4. Shape Your Brows

Your eyes are reportedly the windows to your soul. Shaping your brows can enhance the bone structure of your face and give you an overall polished look.

Properly shaped brows can open up your face and even make you appear younger.

Have a professional create your initial brow look, and then save money by taking on maintenance yourself.

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5. Try a New Wardrobe Color

Fashion experts advise sticking with one or two basic wardrobe colors, or focusing wardrobes around neutrals.

That’s generally good advice, but always sticking to classics and basics can be snooze inducing.

There is nothing wrong with adding a few pieces in red, lavender or hot pink to add pizzazz to your closet full of navy blue and gray pieces.

6. Try a New Hair Color

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a blonde? Why not try on a new shade? Another option is to try temporary highlights in fun colors like hot pink and electric blue. If you are not brave enough to color your own hair, why not try a wig or weave? Today’s wigs and weaves look natural enough to be your own hair, so you can let everyone think that you’ve really decided to go blonde.

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7. Try a New Makeup Color

Experimenting with makeup is one of the safest ways to try out new looks. If you don’t like the results, you can just wash it off.  Therefore there is no reason not to try that bubblegum pink lipstick or that deep magenta eye shadow, especially if you’re dressing up for an evening out. Your new shade may become one of your go-to staples.

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8. A Parting of the Ways

If you aren’t ready for a radical color change and a drastic cut is out of the question, how about simply parting your hair differently? If you usually part it on the side, why not try a center part? If you do color your hair and your roots are beginning to show, a zigzag part will provide a disguise along with a new look for your ‘do.

9. Try a Fashion Trend

You’re all about the classics, and your wardrobe is filled with suits, blazers, sweaters, skirts, timeless pumps and flats and, of course, jeans. That’s wonderful, but following trends is one of the fun aspects of fashion. Adding one or two inexpensive trendy items to your closet full of classics can really give your wardrobe – and your spirits – a real lift.

10. Accessorize

Have you noticed how some people always look totally pulled together? Their clothes, hair and makeup always seem to be perfectly coordinated. If you take a closer look, chances are good that you will discover that these fashion icons also know how to accessorize their outfits. Belts, jewelry and hair ornaments can take an outfit from fine to fabulous. There is no need to weigh yourself down, but a string of pearls with a suit or a dress may be just what the doctor ordered to add real polish to your ensemble.

You don’t have to spend lots of your hard-earned money to switch up your look. A little change can make a huge difference. What are your tips for changing your look with no effort?