10 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Look


It is easy to fall into a comfortable and familiar beauty and fashion routine. You find looks that you like and which look good on you, and you stick with them. Sooner than you realize, your fashion and beauty routines have become boring.

Fortunately, you can switch up your look easily. Making one or two small changes is often enough to re-energize the way that you present yourself.

Follow these 10 tips to switch up your look in a jiff.

1. Something Borrowed

Why not try a swap of one or more clothing items with a friend or your spouse or partner?
Does your BFF have a to-die-for belt that she doesn’t actually wear very much?

Perhaps she would be willing to swap it for that brooch your ex gave you that you never really liked.

You could make the initial swap temporary with the option to make the arrangement permanent if both parties agree.