4 Best Designer Tote Bags of 2022


There are plenty of designer tote bags you can choose, and various tote bag brands will update their collection every year. In 2022, many new models of designer tote bags are becoming available from various brands, such as the Marc Jacobs brand, so there are plenty of options for you to choose this year. Here are 4 best designer tote bags of 2022.

Designer Tote Bags popular of 2022

1. Staud Shoko 

This tote bag uses leather as its primary material, and it uses color blocks to provide an eye-catching design. You can use Staud Shoko as your everyday tote bag, as it has a stylish and functional design you can rely on for your everyday activities. It is also a perfect tote bag you can bring to the office, as its eye-catching color combinations and stylish design will match your office outfits very well. It will blend with your office outfits and create a fashionable style for your work-related activities.

The Staud Shoko tote bag is also minimalist in design, which gives you a simple yet elegant style for various occasions. It has quite a large interior, which you can use to keep your laptop or iPad with no problem.

Estimated Price: $299

2. Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel 

The biggest downside of buying a designer tote bag is that the item price might be too expensive for many people. However, it’s not the case with Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel tote bag. It’s one of the most affordable designer tote bags you can buy today, and despite the low price, you can still enjoy plenty of features that make this tote bag a brilliant choice if you are on a budget.

Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel tote bag provides a spacious interior with nylon as its primary material. With the black color that it offers, you can bring this tote bag with you on various occasions, including when you are traveling or when you are going to the office. You can use it to store various items with its spacious interior, and of course, you can also combine it with your best outfits to bring the best style to your appearance.

Estimated Price: $99

3. Ganni Medium Banner 

Ganni Medium Banner is the tote bag with recycled leather as its primary material, and it has the color options you can use for various occasions. You can pick the vibrant red color if you want to add a flashy style to your outfit. Also, there are other colors you can choose, which are green and black, each with their own elegance and fashionable style. You can use this tote bag to carry various essential items, no matter where you go and what activities you do.

Ganni Medium Banner is also a stylish and minimalist designer tote bag you can use for your everyday activities, with its top handles and adjustable straps to give you personalization and customization you need in every occasion. The recycled leather material means that you will help save the environment when you choose this tote bag.

Estimated Price: $269

4. Bottega Veneta Arco

This is a premium designer tote bag with 100% leather material and minimalist design. With Bottega Veneta Arco, you can get a designer tote bag that will give you the evergreen style you can enjoy on any occasion. You can just use this tote bag with any outfit style, and it will also give you a premium look for your appearance. Bottega Veneta Arco is also the designer tote bag that will give you the best durability, so you can use this tote bag for years or even decades, without worrying about the regular wear and tear.

With its medium-sized interior, you can put various essential items, such as wallet, phone, cosmetics, and many others, without giving you the bulky look for the bag. The classic design style is also best for you to use with various outfits, providing you with an elegant look in your appearance.

Estimated price: $2,499


These are the best designer tote bags you can pick for 2022. These tote bags have their own design styles and features, and each of them can give you the boost in your appearance on any occasion.

You can use these bags for your daily activities, and you can also use them when you go to the office, when you go shopping, when you are traveling, and so on. These designer tote bags are also a perfect companion for your outfits, making it look more stylish and fashionable.