7 Signs You Are a Fashion Victim


Not every trend looks great on every person, that’s why sometimes it’s better to wear what you like and not to follow the fashion rather than being a fashion victim. A fashion victim is the person who dresses only for the latest trend and wants to make a style statement, but usually ends up doing the opposite. Check out a few signs you are a fashion victim.

1. You wear uncomfortable clothes

If you are a fashion victim, you don’t care whether that dress looks great on you or suits your body type, you just buy it, because it’s trendy. You often buy clothes that aren’t meant for you. For example, you don’t feel comfortable in a mini dress, but you go ahead and purchase it.

2. You wear outfits that don’t suit your body shape

If you’re a woman with a not-so-flat belly and you wear a tight denim skirt, you may get weird stares and looks from most people. If you wear clothes that don’t suit your body, you might be a real fashion victim. Often your desperate desire to be in fashion can lead you to make a lot of mistakes while buying outfits.

3. You adjust your body according to the latest trend

Adjusting the body according to the latest trend is another sign you are a fashion victim! For instance, if a size zero figure is in fashion, you’ll go on a strict diet, starve yourself, live on juices just to get that size zero figure.

You don’t think about consequences. All you want to do is to follow all fashion trends.

4. You wear past trends

If you continue to wear a past trend, you might be a fashion victim. You happily purchase it when it was in fashion, but you should realize that it’s gone out of fashion.

5. You wear too much of a trend

When you go to a party and you decide to highlight your eyes, your legs, and your waist to grab more eyeballs, you might end up wearing a pink ruffled pink blouse, a chunky statement neckpiece, cream mid-thigh skirt, a black scarf and wedge sandals. Just reading this is overwhelming, don’t you think? And now imagine putting all this things on together.

A fashion victim often wears such clothes just to get more attention. You will get attention, of course, but only negative!

6. You wear inappropriate outfits for your age

You know there are a few looks that perhaps never go out of fashion such as the white shirt and blue jeans look. You will never go wrong in that look.

However, if you think that a certain outfit would look perfect on your mom or grandma, why did you buy it? It’ll only make you look older!

7. You buy things because your best friend is buying it too

It’s not only about fashion victims, but about many other people too. If your best friend bought a really beautiful backless dress and you go ahead and purchase it too without thinking whether this dress will fit you or whether you have money to buy it, you are a fashion victim. Sometimes it’s good to be fashionable, but don’t do it in excess and don’t make a fool out of yourself.

Are you a fashion victim? What other signs of a fashion victim do you know? Share your thoughts, please.