9 Effective Ways to Convince Someone to Trust You Again


Trust is a very delicate thing. When it’s broken, it will take a lot of effort and time to remove the feeling of resentment that makes people suffer. When people feel that their trust has been betrayed, they can be very angry and sometimes depressed since there’s nothing worse than realizing that you have been used by somebody.

Before you try to earn someone’s forgiveness, you’d better try to reflect on the problem and ask yourself what has gone wrong in your life. You should know the reason why you lied.

It will help you understand your behaviors and actions. When you accept the responsibility for your actions and repent of your lies, you’ll be ready to ask the person you love and respect for forgiveness.

Trust is difficult to gain and it’s proved by different daily life situations. It’s desirable to find time and the most suitable moments to talk with your partner. You should open up and use correct words to prove the betrayed person that you truly do regret your actions and want to live in peace and accord again.

I want to share these tips on how to convince someone to trust you again. Step by step, you’ll be able to help your love or friendship bounce back from deception.

1. Make considerable changes

After a considerable reflection on the problem, you should make noticeable changes in your behavior, because your loved one feels your emotions and knows the meaning of your actions and behaviors. First of all, change your mindset and figure out how to get out of the cycle of lies and deception, if you don’t want to get lost in your thoughts.

Try to improve yourself and do something that will show your care and frank desire to reconcile. Though, you should try to make pleasant and noticeable changes on a regular basis, but not only when you’re at loggerheads with your loved one.

2. Try to be humble

I know that it’s sometimes not easy to notice your flaws, but you should realize that you have provoked this scandalous situation and it’s your turn to take decisions on how to win back trust of your beloved and mend their broken heart. You shouldn’t expect your significant other to forget about everything in a quite short period of time, because the process of healing usually takes a few weeks or even months.

3. Admit your faults

The first stage of the healing process is the admission of your faults. After you spend a lot of time to recognize your mistakes, you’ll be ready to apologize for your faults to your loved one.

The phrase “I’m sorry” isn’t enough to melt the ice of resentment, because your partner wants to see your desire and willingness to earn their trust back. Moreover, they want to be sure that this unpleasant situation will teach you appreciate your relationship with them.

4. Try to be transparent in everything

It’s extremely important to be transparent to the maximum, especially during the period of your quarrel. Since this moment you have nothing to hide.

If you suddenly face unpredictable things in your life, you should discuss them with your partner in order to avoid grounds for argument. Plus, concealing feelings and thoughts usually increase conflicts and drain positive energy from your relationship. Transparency can improve your emotional intimacy.

5. Be patient

Patience is a magnificent thing that helps you keep calm and wait until something changes or turns to your advantage. You should understand that the betrayed partner hesitates in your sincerity and needs time to believe in your words.

You should be wise and patient enough to give your beloved an opportunity to think things through and decide whether to forgive you or not. Try to make small steps in order to prove that you really love and respect your loved one.

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6. Do little pleasant things

It’s not necessary to surprise your partner only with big and significant things. Little pleasant things exert positive influence on your relationship. Moreover, it’s a good idea to make your partner feel contentment. If they have some troubles, you can be there and support them with your presence. If not, then you can send an encouraging message and fill their day with something positive. If your loved one is a public person or a musician, you should attend their presentations or concerts.

7. Get rid of the habit to lie

If you want to earn your partner’s trust back, then you should rid yourself of a habit to lie. Wise people think that honesty is the best policy. Trust is usually lost because of a lie or betrayal.

I believe that real and pure love can overcome all barriers; that’s why it’s better to be honest about all life situations. Just don’t lie, because if people catch you lying, they won’t trust and respect you again.

8. Keep your problems private

It’s not wise to share your issues with other people, especially if you want to win your partner’s trust back, because your relationship is made of you two. Nowadays, many young people tend to post their issues and emotions on social networking sites. It makes people gossip about you and your social and private life.

People respect those who can keep their mouth shut. I’m sure your partner won’t trust you again if you keep washing your dirty linen in public.

9. Don’t burn your fingers twice

If your partner decides to forgive you, then you have no right to make the offending mistake once again. Try to learn a lesson from your negative experience.

Both of you should forget about past pain and breed love, trust and respect in your future. Confucius once said that life is the best teacher, because it’s full of both positive and negative experiences and events.

Trust is an essential part of all kinds of relationships. Nothing is impossible. If you’ve done something wrong and lost the trust in your relationship, then you can do your best to earn the trust back.

Have you ever tried to win one’s trust back?