10 Beauty Mistakes That Age You


Getting a younger, healthier look is a reasonable goal and one that many men and women share. Unfortunately, many people engage in practices that have the opposite effect. If you want to look more youthful and vibrant, avoid the following ten beauty mistakes.


1. Thick Makeup

When it comes to most makeup, less is usually more. This is especially true when applying foundation. Thick makeup will actually settle into fine lines and, through some optical effects, enhance them.

Foundation is intended to even out color, not fill in lines and wrinkles. It isn’t even intended to cover every millimeter of your skin, but to be used only in problem areas.

When applying foundation, choose one that is sheer and that diffuses light. Never pick a matte, velvet, or flat finish. Apply the foundation sparingly to areas where you would like to even out the color.

When you are done, press a moistened (not wet) makeup sponge into areas where there are wrinkles to remove excess powder. Remember to moisturize every time you take your makeup off.