10 Reasons to Go Makeup Free


Going without makeup has become something of a trend in recent years. Heidi Klum has done it, so have Kate Moss and Brooke Shields. HuffPost Live hosts Caitlyn Becker and Caroline Modarressy Tehrani also did it.
Beyond the need to keep up to date with fashion trends, there are some good reasons to go makeup free. Here are ten of them to get you started.

1. Your Skin Will Get Healthier

Makeup was never intended to improve your health, only your appearance. It does the latter very well in some cases, but the former quite poorly. Continuous, daily makeup use can actually increase wrinkling and cause your skin to age faster.

A break from makeup is a great way to improve moisture, reduce blemishes, and help clear up complexion. Focusing on improving the health of your skin, rather than concealing it, is a major benefit of going without makeup.

2. Time

Applying makeup takes time, time that you could spend doing something else you enjoy. If you do something that brings you joy, you’ll be a happier, healthier person.

That said, personal time spent “getting ready,” whether its first thing in the morning or before a night on the town, can also be relaxing and help you prepare for what lies ahead. Even if you aren’t applying makeup, take the time to wash your face, comb your hair, and get into the right mindset for tackling your next task.

3. It Lightens Your Load

Applying makeup is never a once and done event. You have to check it, re-check it, and re-apply it throughout the day and night.

If you don’t wear makeup, then you don’t have to carry a bagful of cosmetics with you everywhere you go. You’ll be lighter, freer, and you’ll spend more time engaged with the world around you because you won’t be checking your makeup in the mirror several times per hour.

4. It Improves Your Confidence

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you are the type that regards makeup as a sort of shield, then going without it can help you improve your sense of self-worth. You are likely to find that people love you just as much without makeup as they do with it. Knowing that people like you for you is a powerful boost to self-esteem.

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5. True Love

Believe it or not, many men prefer women with little or no makeup. They find the real you attractive and interesting.

If you meet the guy of your dreams sans makeup and he engages with you, then you never have to worry about waking up next to him with unkempt hair and eye crud. He loves you, not your makeup.

6. Harsh Chemicals

As much as cosmetics manufacturers work to make makeup safe and healthy, they can’t avoid or even know about all of the effects that arise from putting chemicals onto your skin. More important than the makeup itself, however, are the products used to remove it, which are relatively harsh chemicals.

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7. Vitamin D

Okay, this sounds a bit weird, but remember that sunlight helps your skin convert precursors of vitamin D into the active product that helps build bone. Vitamin D is critical to good bone health and covering your skin with makeup actually reduces the amount of sunlight reaching it.

Do your bones a favor and let the sun make direct contact with your skin. It will also feel great. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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8. Allergies

Makeup products contain large numbers of ingredients, any one of which can cause allergy. This is particularly true of people with sensitive skin, but even people who don’t have overt reactions to makeup may be increasing the level of inflammation in their bodies.

In some cases, the reaction may develop over time, after years of exposure. To avoid allergic reactions, avoid makeup.

9. It May Harm Animals

Most makeups, even if not tested on animals, still contain ingredients that come from animals. If you want to be a friend to the animal world, then you’ll want to avoid makeup. You can use your choice to go makeup free as a message about your commitment to doing good in the name of animals.

10. It Saves Money

Estimates vary, but it is thought that the average woman spends about $300 per year on makeup. Choosing to reduce or eliminate makeup from your budget could be the difference between a vacation and staycation. A little time on a tropical island or the opportunity to get away from the bustle of daily life may do more to improve your appearance and your health than makeup ever could.

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The truth is that makeup is not essential. Sometimes culture, habit, or personal insecurities lead us to believe that we need something that we really don’t.

Try going a week or two without makeup and see how you feel. Most women feel happier and healthier without makeup, even if they only do it for a week or two every few months as a sort of holiday.

How often do you go without makeup?