10 Reasons to Go Makeup Free


Going without makeup has become something of a trend in recent years. Heidi Klum has done it, so have Kate Moss and Brooke Shields. HuffPost Live hosts Caitlyn Becker and Caroline Modarressy Tehrani also did it.
Beyond the need to keep up to date with fashion trends, there are some good reasons to go makeup free. Here are ten of them to get you started.

1. Your Skin Will Get Healthier

Makeup was never intended to improve your health, only your appearance. It does the latter very well in some cases, but the former quite poorly. Continuous, daily makeup use can actually increase wrinkling and cause your skin to age faster.

A break from makeup is a great way to improve moisture, reduce blemishes, and help clear up complexion. Focusing on improving the health of your skin, rather than concealing it, is a major benefit of going without makeup.