10 Astonishing Halloween Makeup Ideas


If you plan on dressing up this Halloween, then you will need to find the perfect costume and makeup to stand out from the crowds. Many people stick to the same themes of witches, skeletons and vampires for their Halloween costumes, but there are many different options that are far more creative.
Creepy makeup takes some effort and time, but you won’t regret you tried any of these astonishing Halloween makeup ideas. Your friends will be amazed!

1. Sugar Skull

Sugar Skulls, or Calaveras, are small skulls made from either sugar or clay and decorated in bright colors to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Start by covering the skin in a white base, and apply dark shading around the facial bones to create a skull.

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Use bright colors to decorate the skull with spirals, flowers and spider webs.

2. Zombie Mouth

Create a terrifying flesh-eating zombie by using your entire neck for a mouth. Start by drawing the outline of the mouth. It should start just under your nose and end about halfway down your chest.

Fill in the space with rotting teeth, black lips and plenty of blood and gore. As you move your head up and down, it will create the illusion of an enormous mouth.

3. Willy Wonka

Recreate Johnny Depp’s creepy take on Willy Wonka by starting with a white base and painting the lips, cheeks and under the eyes a soft pink. Add some blue eye shadow to the upper eyelids, and put in green contact lenses if desired. Finish the look with an orange wig and eyebrows.

4. Anatomy

Create an inside-out look by following the natural anatomy of your face. Do a quick Google search for an image that shows the anatomy of the human face, and create the same look on your skin using pink, white and brown shading. For a really creepy look, only paint half of your face and leave the rest natural.

5. Creepy Doll

Thanks to countless Hollywood movies, dolls have become an especially creepy toy that is perfect for Halloween. Create a scary porcelain doll by painting the skin with thick white makeup and lining the eyes and eyebrows with black liner. Draw small cracks on the cheeks and forehead using black liner.

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6. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is the terrifying messenger from the Saw movie franchise. This is a really simple look to create and is perfect for men.

Start with a white base, and draw red spirals on the apples of the cheeks, and paint the lips the same colour. Draw two black lines downwards from the corners of the mouth, and apply black shading all over the eye socket. For a spookier look, add a touch of Zombie to your makeup.

7. Maleficent

Young children will love dressing up as Angelina Jolie’s character Maleficent from the 2014 Disney movie. Maleficent makeup is still trendy this year too.

After applying a white base, apply some heavy black eyeliner to the upper eyelids, and gently smudge outwards. Use pale grey shading under the cheekbones in a straight line to create an angular effect. Finish with scarlet red lips and black horns.

8. The Joker

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight took the character to terrifying new levels. Achieve the look by applying a thin white base all over the skin, and spritz with water.

Colour the eyes black, and use matte red lipstick to create the oversized mouth. Use your fingers to smudge the makeup around the edges.

9. Sad Clown

Clowns are one of the creepiest Halloween costumes imaginable. There are many different ways to create a sad clown face, but most use the same basic elements.

Apply a white base, and draw a large frown over the lips. Line the eyes with black liner, and smudge downwards. You can even add a few tears using black liner.

10. Black Swan

Recreate the makeup from the hit movie Black Swan by dusting the skin with white powder and pulling the hair back into a ballerina bun. Using black and white eyeliner, paint two wings over the eyes that reach back to the hairline. Complete the look with red lipstick and a diamond tiara.

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For really striking makeup, try to use professional products instead of the Halloween makeup kits sold at party stores. Many of the cheaper kits contain harsh chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. Many companies sell makeup that can be used to create dramatic effects and will last you much longer than a cheaper version.

So, ladies, what makeup ideas are you going to try?