7 Fantastic Ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom


Halloween is such an exciting time for children of all ages and there are many ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday in the classroom. From scary stories to dressing up, children like it all. Plus, it’s always great to take a little break from your ordinary classroom routine and celebrate Halloween.

Take a look at the list of seven fantastic ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in the classroom! Your students will definitely love them all!

1. A History lesson about Halloween

A history lesson about Halloween is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in the classroom. Teach your students about how Halloween started and tell some of the past traditions associated with the holiday.

Also, you can tell them about how some other cultures celebrate Halloween. For instance, tell them about La Dia De Los Muertos, Central America. With older kids, you can talk about some local legends or the Salem Witch Trials.

2. Pumpkin painting

Definitely, pumpkins should be in the classroom! Since pumpkin carving is a bit messy, I thought pumpkin painting would be perfect! You can allow your students to paint whatever they want or tell them to paint something specific to a lesson plan. They will certainly like getting into the holiday spirit with pumpkin painting!

3. Costume fashion show

Another great way to celebrate Halloween in the classroom is to hold a costume fashion show. For most children, dressing up in fun and unique costumes is the highlight of Halloween and they want to show off how great they look.

Ask your students to come into class in costumes and write about what or who they’re dressed as. Hold a costume fashion show where the students get to show off their fun and unique costumes to the whole class.

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4. Lip-synching contest

Get your students into the holiday spirit with a lip-synching contest. There are many songs that go perfectly with Halloween. Start with splitting your students up into groups and giving every kid a sheet with the song lyrics.

Now give them time to learn the words and come up with a dance and let them perform. It’s great to videotape it and show it to their parents. It will even be better if the students dress up in costumes for their songs.

5. Scary stories

If children didn’t love scary stories, they wouldn’t be so popular. Take a small break during the school day and read scary stories to the kids. Your stories must not be too scary for your students, remember them. There are many stories online so it will be easy to find some scary stories for kids.

6. Trick-or-treat

The candy is one of the best parts of Halloween! If you want to have a celebration your students will love and remember, have the kids go trick-or-treating in the classroom. Firstly, split your classroom into two sections and have every kid bring a different bag of candy.

Every section can go around and trick-or-treat at the desks. After everybody is done, continue with the planned lesson as your students eat their delicious Halloween candy.

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7. Stage a show

If a lip-synching contest is not for your students, have them perform skits acting out scenes from a movie, play, or TV show, scary stories, or local folklore related to Halloween. It will be fun and your students will love it! Don’t forget to invite their parents and other students and teachers!

If you are a teacher, try to incorporate Halloween into the classroom this year and your students will have an amazing day full of ghosts and ghouls. Children like to celebrate Halloween in any way and they will certainly like a really special day in class, which is so different from their ordinary school day.

So, what do you think of these ideas? Do you have any other ideas? Do you think it’s a great idea to celebrate Halloween in the classroom or do you think a teacher must stick to their ordinary lesson plan? Please share your thoughts in the comments!