3 Homemade Halloween Costumes That You Can Make for Free


Halloween costumes can cost hundreds of dollars at specialty boutiques, but you can make your own creative costume for free. There’s no need to waste money on Halloween costumes when you have all the materials in your own home. Whether you enjoy going to a Halloween parties or your kids love trick or treating, it’s hard to justify spending money on a costume that will only be worn for one night. Here are four do-it-yourself Halloween costumes you can make at home to save money without sacrificing creativity.

1. The Ghost of Christmas Present

Anyone who has seen the classic holiday play, A Christmas Carol, knows that the Ghost of Christmas Present spreads the joyful message of Christmas everywhere he goes. Although a ghost may seem like a lame last minute Halloween costume, it’s actually a unique option if you add this little twist.

Toss an old sheet over your head, and cut out holes for your eyes and mouth. Then, attach little Christmas gifts to your sheet using hot glue. Everyone will love the reference to A Christmas Carol; to complete the look, don’t forget to spread joy wherever you go.

2. Stoplight

A stoplight is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have time to run to the store for materials. Use black clothes from your own wardrobe as the base. A black shirt, jeans, and shoes are simple but perfect. Next, cut out three circles from white paper and color them red, green, and yellow, respectively.

Colored construction paper and solid colored wrapping paper are also cheap alternatives if you don’t have markers lying around. Attach the paper circles with duct tape, and you are ready to go. Since you’ll be wearing your own clothes all night, you’ll not only be comfortable, you’ll also have a creative Halloween costume that didn’t cost you a penny.

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3. Childhood Superhero

What kid doesn’t play superhero these days? Whether you used to jump off the bed with your “magic cape” or just want to tap into some childhood nostalgia, this easy homemade Halloween costume is for you. Just wear tights or leggings, a white tshirt, and some white underwear over your outfit.

Fasten a red towel around your neck with a safety pin, stick a pacifier in your mouth, and your superhero outfit is complete. Women can style their hair in pigtails, and men can shave their facial hair for a more convincing look.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive Halloween costumes; just use a few materials around the house, and a little creativity, to make your own costume. You will not only appreciate saving money, but you will also have a unique costume that you can’t buy in stores.