9 Important Things to Know about Mineral Makeup


Most women put on makeup and want to use only natural cosmetics that would not do harm to the skin. Well if you are already a fan of mineral cosmetics, it will be interesting for you to read the article and learn something new. And if you haven`t tried it yet, here are 9 reasons for you to start using it.

1. Prevents acne

Mineral makeup has a good influence on skin, so that it goes very well with acne. Such cosmetics prevent the growing of bacteria and do not leave the skin oily. You will also get no irritation. That is why mineral makeup is favored by all women, especially with problem skin.

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2. Don`t let fool yourself

It is hard to confess that sometimes the labels on the packing may be untruthful. It is indicated that the product is 100% mineral, but in reality it not quite so. Natural ingredients are quite often substituted by artificial additives. In order not to fall for this hook, read the list of ingredients at the back.

3. Not all minerals are harmless

As you check the list of the ingredients pay your attention to some undesired minerals. You should be extremely careful with cosmetics when you are allergic. If something is natural, it doesn`t at all mean that it is good.

4. Dry skin

You may not use the mineral makeup because it is rather dry for your already dry skin. I should say it is not quite right. There are various kinds of moisturizers or hydration sprays to cope with the problem. Just choose the one that suits you best and enjoy all the advantages of mineral makeup.

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5. Sunscreen

One more advantage is the provided natural sun protection. You will find zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the list of the ingredients. They are known to be the best protectors from ultraviolet rays, the most harmful thing about the sun.

6. Mixing shades

Mineral cosmetics are easy to mix different shades. It is a very effective way to get the color with matches your skin tone perfectly well. Unfortunately, it is not the same with liquid foundations. Personally I give preference to mineral cosmetics, so I always have great natural makeup look.

7. Application

How to apply the cosmetics is the reason for worries of many women. It is so easy! The best way to apply mineral powder is to use a brush and do it with downward strokes. By doing so, the pigment will lie down evenly and the little hairs won`t stand as when you do it in circular motion. That`s all the secret.

8. Mix it up

Having mineral cosmetics gives you the privilege of wide options. You can use your powder as you want. Or, for example, your bronzer may become a very good type of eye shadows. The same is about mineral blushes. You also can make out different shades and hue out of the means available. Just try once and it will be impossible to stop!

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9. Apply it wet

Cosmetologists recommend applying your mineral makeup wet. Surprised? Yes, I certainly was. You can mix your powder with a little bit of water or moisturizer. Then your makeup won`t seem dry on your skin, plus – it will lie down evenly and smoothly. Usual cosmetics are not meant for that.

So have I convinced you to try mineral makeup? Did you learn something new? I hope you did. Please, share your impressions in the comments. Do you know any other secrets about mineral cosmetics?