7 Fun Halloween Party Activities for Teens and Adults


The invitations have been sent. The costumes are being put together. The decorations have been purchased.

Now the only thing missing in the preparation of your Halloween party are fun and interesting activities. You could have a Halloween party without planned activities, but you run the risk of having a house full of bored guests.

One way to ensure a good time for party goers is to plan fun activities that center around the Halloween theme. Teenagers and adults alike will enjoy these amusing Halloween party games.

1. Halloween ice breaker

An “icebreaker” is an activity that helps guests to get to know each other. It helps to “warm up” the atmosphere or a party. In preparation for this party, you will need to come up with pairs of words or phrases that relate to Halloween.

Examples of such pairs include, “black – cat,” “witch – broom,” and “Frankenstein – big, green monster.” Write each word or phrase on an index card. Shuffle the cards and allow your guests to draw one card each.

Tell your guests that they have to find the person in the room who has the match for their card. Once the matches are made, the people with the matching cards should also share their funniest Halloween memory with their “match.” Give your guests about 10 minutes for this time of matching and sharing.

2. Spooky scavenger hunt

Send your guests scurrying to find spooky treasures with this Halloween version of a scavenger hunt. First you’ll need to create a “treasure” list.

Examples of items that you might want to include in this list are a spider web, a jack-o-lantern, a stuffed black cat, plastic fangs and candy corn. Once you’ve made your list, print copies for two or more teams.

Divide your guests into teams of three to eight people and give each team a copy of your list. Instruct the teams to search a certain area (such as your neighborhood or local shopping mall) in an attempt to gather all of the items on the list.

If your guests are minors, you may want to have a chaperone accompany each team on their hunt. Set a time limit of 1 hour. After the hour is up, re-group to see which team gathered the most items.

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3. Halloween skits

Give your guests a chance to flex their creative muscles with this theatrical Halloween game. Divide your guests into small groups of two to four people.

Give each group a bag of items that relate to Halloween. These items could include things like a mask, pumpkin, sheet, broom, fake spider or small scarecrow.

Tell the groups that they’ll have 30 minutes to create and rehearse a brief skit that relates to Halloween. Once all of the groups have their skits ready, re-group and allow each team to perform their skit.

Let the group vote on special recognition for the funniest skit, most creative skit and most outrageous skit. Offer winning groups a Halloween party favor or bag of candy as a prize.

4. Dancing competition

Many teens as well as adults will find this Halloween activity really fun and interesting. There can be different wacky categories, including tango, ballroom, break dance, etc.

Guests can pair up with one another according to the costumes they’re wearing. The weirdest pairing, the better. Prizes like gift vouchers or DVDs can be given to the winners.

5. Halloween killing instincts

Oh, I love it! This activity is just like hide-and-seek game, but it’s slightly different. Everyone has 3-5 minutes to hide wherever they can. But, first, you should choose one person who will be the “murderer” and who will seek others.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights! You can only have a few flashlights. The “murderer” hunts out her/his “victims”, and every time a victim is caught/killed, she/he should let out a bloodcurdling scream and lie down on the floor in the center of a room, created as the cemetery.

A person left last is a winner. This activity will be creepier with some scary music on.

6. Monstrous makeover

Divide your guests into two groups of three or four players. Give each team a bag of assorted beauty items, including false eyelashes, lipstick, makeup boxes, wigs, false noses, etc. Every team should choose a person of their team to make up.

Give every team about 10-15 minutes to turn the person they’re making over into a monstrous looking creature. Then choose the winner.

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7. Battle of the balloons

Divide your guests into groups. Tie black and orange colored balloons to each player’s ankles. On the word “go” every team should try to stomp and pop each other’s balloons. As person’s balloon is burst, they are withdrawn from the game.

The winner will be the team that has the last balloon left. Sure, it may sound a bit childish, but most teens and adults find it fun just because of that!

With a little planning and preparation, you’ll be able to lead your guests in these fun-filled activities. Depending on the length of your Halloween event, you may be able to use one of these ideas or all seven activities. Count on having an enjoyable Halloween get-together that you and your guests will remember for a long time.