10 Worst Flirting Moves You Should Never Use


Many of the worst flirting moves are used in romance novels and romantic comedies. Unfortunately, the flirting moves used in the movies never actually work in our real life.

Perhaps, you’ve noticed that in movies a woman can get the man by using a few worst flirting moves, however, you will not be as lucky as her. Here are ten worst flirting moves you should never use.

1. Make him jealous

Perhaps, you want to date a nice guy, but it seems he is not interested in you. So you decided to hook up with one of his best friends, because you think it will make him jealous and he will definitely fall in love with you.

Well, girls, this is actually one of the worst flirting moves you should never use. Never flirt with the other guy to impress your crush. It doesn’t work.