21 Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Man


Perhaps recently you have seen a boy whom you like so much, and he is attractive and handsome. You meet him every morning at the bus stop, and sometimes it seems to you that he throws a quick glance at you. That makes you really happy.

I think that every girl has experienced such feelings at least once in a lifetime. But there is a problem, and you don’t know how to start communication with that attractive guy. I will give you some recommendations that will hopefully help you surmount your shyness and talk to the boy that seems so attractive to you.

1. Ask about the Time

This is one of the most effective ways to start a conversation with the one you like, and it almost never fails. You don’t need to think about any great reasons for speaking with a handsome guy. Simply ask him for the time.

If his affection is mutual, you will see how eagerly he can answer to you. As a result, you will start a nice and pleasant conversation. Don’t be disappointed if your attempts failed, anyway be grateful to the person and, in addition, you can give compliments about his stylish watch.

Maybe this trick will stimulate him for a chat. Just be careful, when asking the boy for the time, don’t hold your mobile phone in your hand. Otherwise, your cunning plan will be detected.

2. Look into His Eyes and Smile

You should always remember eye contact while speaking with people, which helps you make your communication interesting and vivid. When you see the man you like, make sure to look into his eyes and smile at him.

A beautiful and warm smile is half the battle. Hold your glance at him for a few seconds. No doubt you will attract the man’s attention at once. He will definitely smile you back and, moreover, come up to you for some closer communication.

If this idea doesn’t work from the first time, you can try some more and never give up. Show off your beauty, and don’t forget to flirt with the guy. I’m sure he will be charmed with your magnetism and have no other choice but to approach you and start a conversation.

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3. Speak About the Weather

No matter what the weather is outside, you can start speaking about it at any moment. Snow, rain, or bright sunshine is a perfect reason to chat with someone you really like. Tell him how you feel about such weather, ask him if he likes it.

The main rule for you is to be light-hearted and smiling. Try to avoid grumbling and keep positive. It is necessary to look into your interlocutor’s eyes as much as possible.

If you have an umbrella during rainy weather, you should definitely use this excellent opportunity for communication with the man standing near you. Suggest him to share your umbrella. He will really appreciate such an action of yours.

But what to do if the sun is shining brightly and you have nothing to share? Simply express your delight about this nature’s marvel. Be sure, and this person will gladly start a conversation if he really likes you.

4. Comment on His Clothing

Every man will be greatly satisfied to hear a compliment concerning his clothing. That’s why if you meet a man wearing the latest styles and his clothes are really smart, make sure to tell him about that.

Choose some special and appealing phrases while expressing your great admiration of his outfit. But if all your numerous efforts come in nowhere, you can ask the guy about the place where he purchased his garments, mentioning that they are unique.

He will tell you so much about his shoes and jeans if you’re interested in him. Only sincere compliments can make a person open his heart to you.

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5. Ask about a Friend

If you have a common friend with the man you are interested in, it’s a great advantage for you. You are lucky, as you have a reason to start a conversation with the person. You need only to ask about the friend, and you will see how easy it can be.

There are lots of general questions which you can ask the guy concerning the friend. For example, they can be the following: “When did you meet last time?” or “Did you like that birthday party last week?”.

The man will have no other choice but to answer your questions so that your communication will go on easily. Besides, you will have a nice opportunity to find out if your common friend was honest with you.