21 Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Man


Perhaps recently you have seen a boy whom you like so much, and he is attractive and handsome. You meet him every morning at the bus stop, and sometimes it seems to you that he throws a quick glance at you. That makes you really happy.

I think that every girl has experienced such feelings at least once in a lifetime. But there is a problem, and you don’t know how to start communication with that attractive guy. I will give you some recommendations that will hopefully help you surmount your shyness and talk to the boy that seems so attractive to you.

1. Ask about the Time

This is one of the most effective ways to start a conversation with the one you like, and it almost never fails. You don’t need to think about any great reasons for speaking with a handsome guy. Simply ask him for the time.

If his affection is mutual, you will see how eagerly he can answer to you. As a result, you will start a nice and pleasant conversation. Don’t be disappointed if your attempts failed, anyway be grateful to the person and, in addition, you can give compliments about his stylish watch.

Maybe this trick will stimulate him for a chat. Just be careful, when asking the boy for the time, don’t hold your mobile phone in your hand. Otherwise, your cunning plan will be detected.

2. Look into His Eyes and Smile

You should always remember eye contact while speaking with people, which helps you make your communication interesting and vivid. When you see the man you like, make sure to look into his eyes and smile at him.

A beautiful and warm smile is half the battle. Hold your glance at him for a few seconds. No doubt you will attract the man’s attention at once. He will definitely smile you back and, moreover, come up to you for some closer communication.

If this idea doesn’t work from the first time, you can try some more and never give up. Show off your beauty, and don’t forget to flirt with the guy. I’m sure he will be charmed with your magnetism and have no other choice but to approach you and start a conversation.

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3. Speak About the Weather

No matter what the weather is outside, you can start speaking about it at any moment. Snow, rain, or bright sunshine is a perfect reason to chat with someone you really like. Tell him how you feel about such weather, ask him if he likes it.

The main rule for you is to be light-hearted and smiling. Try to avoid grumbling and keep positive. It is necessary to look into your interlocutor’s eyes as much as possible.

If you have an umbrella during rainy weather, you should definitely use this excellent opportunity for communication with the man standing near you. Suggest him to share your umbrella. He will really appreciate such an action of yours.

But what to do if the sun is shining brightly and you have nothing to share? Simply express your delight about this nature’s marvel. Be sure, and this person will gladly start a conversation if he really likes you.

4. Comment on His Clothing

Every man will be greatly satisfied to hear a compliment concerning his clothing. That’s why if you meet a man wearing the latest styles and his clothes are really smart, make sure to tell him about that.

Choose some special and appealing phrases while expressing your great admiration of his outfit. But if all your numerous efforts come in nowhere, you can ask the guy about the place where he purchased his garments, mentioning that they are unique.

He will tell you so much about his shoes and jeans if you’re interested in him. Only sincere compliments can make a person open his heart to you.

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5. Ask about a Friend

If you have a common friend with the man you are interested in, it’s a great advantage for you. You are lucky, as you have a reason to start a conversation with the person. You need only to ask about the friend, and you will see how easy it can be.

There are lots of general questions which you can ask the guy concerning the friend. For example, they can be the following: “When did you meet last time?” or “Did you like that birthday party last week?”.

The man will have no other choice but to answer your questions so that your communication will go on easily. Besides, you will have a nice opportunity to find out if your common friend was honest with you.

6. Borrow a Pen

Surely, how you choose to involve the one in conversation directly depends on the location where you meet. When you are somewhere where you need to make notes, but you find out that there is no pen in your handbag, be courageous enough to ask the guy near you to borrow his pen.

Don’t forget to be cheerful and smiling while addressing the person. I think he will heartily share with you everything you need.

After having made your notes return the pen and say gratefully: “Thanks a lot! It’s so kind of you!”. These phrases will be a nice signal for him to continue talking to you. If he is clever enough, he will certainly take this chance.

7. Ask How to Find a Place

Usually, men feel happy about giving directions to someone. So, if you understand that you are lost in an unknown place and an attractive guy not far from you, gather all your confidence and courage to come to him and ask for directions.

For instance, tell him that you should go to some café or just a street, but you can’t find it. I’m sure he will gladly accompany you to that definite place. What is more important, you will have time to speak on different topics while walking around.

If you feel satisfaction from this communication and the man is also interested in you, it will be a splendid idea to offer him a cup of coffee in the café. In completion, you can even exchange your phone numbers.

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8. Admire His Pet

When you go to the local park, you can see many people walking their pets there. And handsome young men are not an exception. You will definitely find at least a few of them. And if you meet face to face with a nice boy, tell some compliments to his amazing puppy and wish to pet it.

You can’t find a more suitable reason to start a chat with the man you like. Interest with his pet, its name, breed, and age. It will be perfect if you mention all the traits you love in his dog.

Your appreciation won’t leave the guy indifferent. He will be pleased by your words. In fact, it’s very easy to see if the fellow really finds you a beautiful and charming girl. His great desire to go on talking and involvement will show you everything.

9. Express Your Interest about the Score

One of the perfect places where you can find the man of your dream is a bar or any other place where live sports events are shown. Even if you are not a great fan of football or basketball, break the rules and go to such a place. Sit next to the boy you’ve noticed in the crowd and ask him about the rules of the game or merely its score.

Here you have a wide range of questions to ask. Let him tell about the team he is supporting or his favorite player. Sport is the most appropriate topic to discuss with any man.

They all feel so much comfortable when speaking about everything that deals with the sport. This is an incredible idea for starting a conversation. Focus on all the details that the boy tells you and give him a pleasant smile.

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10. Share Your Impressions of the Music

Speaking about music is a brilliant way to maintain successful communication with a man. If you are so lucky to meet him at the café, club or supermarket where music is playing, you don’t even have to think about some special questions to ask. It will be clever of you to wonder the name of the singer or the song.

You can comment on that music using such sentences as “This song is fantastic! Do you know the singer?”. Murmur the words of the song standing in the queue when you discover that he is next to you. In addition, tell me how much you love this tune. In such way, you will enable him to develop your further dialogue.

11. Send over a Drink

I know that it’s not acceptable for many girls to buy something for a boy and treat him. But everything changes nowadays, and I must admit this trick really works. When the guy sitting at the restaurant or nightclub receives a delicious cocktail from you, he will surely be aware of your affection for him.

The main task for you is to keep on smiling and never lose an eye contact with him. Traditionally, after such a girl’s obeisance, the guy is expected to come near, introduce himself, and express his gratitude to you.

In reply, you should tell the boy your name and try to be cute and enchanting while complimenting him. As for me, whenever I try this tip, it turns out to be a great achievement.

12. Show that You Need His Help

Very often, it happens so that in certain places and situations, we need someone’s help. This smart idea will astonish you with great results. There is an abundance of locations where you can use this way to chat with a man.

If going to libraries is one of your favorite activities, you can take advantage of it. Maybe you are not tall enough and getting a book from the top shelf is a problem for you, ask the man for help.

Another popular place where you can meet and start a conversation with a person is a supermarket. Like in the library, you may want to take a definite item here, but it is out of your reach.

A handsome guy nearby will happily help you. Don’t miss your chance to attract his attention.

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13. Ask about the Bus/Train Schedule

Frankly speaking, this way to involve the one into the conversation is not so effective as he may fail to grasp your intention to flirt. When you are at the bus station or railway station, anyone can ask you about the schedule. You should be very specific, trying to show someone your real desires. Take a glance at the man, smile, and approach him.

Be affable and polite when talking to the fellow. It’s necessary to remember that a smile is an indispensable part of your success.

Ask him about the train arrival time, and if you feel you touched his heart, make sure to be extremely thankful and even introduce yourself. That will hint for the guy that the schedule is not the main point of your interest.

14. Offer to Sit Down

Whenever you catch sight of the boy with a stunning appearance in the crowd, you can offer him to sit down beside you. Even if there are many other tables where he can sit, gather all your courage and ask this guy to sit near you. Your persistence is significant if you really have a strong desire for that communication.

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15. Ask What Is Good

No matter where you meet this guy, you can always ask him what tasty food or drink is available there. Show him that you are greatly interested in his opinion. This idea will work perfectly at the restaurant, café, or even at the supermarket.

Emphasize that something he is having is wonderful. Comment on the savory smell of his coffee; he will certainly suggest you sit with him and have a cup of flavored coffee.

16. Speak About His Gadget

Surely, technology is one of the most popular topics among men in all world countries. They are mad about buying the most expensive and fashionable laptops, phones, iPods and lots of other things. That’s why it is reasonable to ask the guy about his gadget, especially if he is using it at the moment. There are so many subjects for discussion.

For instance, you can ask about the brand of his mobile phone, the music he is listening to, or the game he is playing. Believe me that will be an undeniable success as men never stop talking about anything they are addicted to.

17. Discuss His Magazine or Book

A book or a magazine is another amazing and popular topic for discussion with someone you are passionate about. I think that every woman has observed some attractive guy reading a book on a bus or in the bookstore. When you have such a situation next time, you should set up your eyes on the boy, smile at him, and come up without hesitation.

After, it will be appropriate to ask about that definite book, its author, and its characters. However, there is some possibility that you can spoil everything by interrupting his great involvement.

Suppose it turns out that you are familiar with the author of his book, congratulations! You’ll have so many questions to discuss.

Share your impressions of the book and ask for his. Speaking about books usually is the start of exciting communication between a man and a woman.

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18. He is Like a Movie Star

Have you ever seen a boy looking like a celebrity? I was fascinated when once I met a guy with the same appearance as Brad Pitt. My excitement had no limits!

If someday you also get sight of a boy with such a unique appearance, take this brilliant chance to communicate with him. Pick up the brightest compliments to tell him. Your sincere words will never leave him indifferent.

19. Dwell on School or Summer Holidays

It’s high time to talk about school, classes, teachers, and homework if you encounter the boy of your dream in a school canteen, library, or in the hall. The new year at school has just started, and hundreds of new possibilities are opened for you.

Now you have all the opportunities to make your dream come true. During summer, you made lots of plans on how to turn that guy’s mind to you. It’s time to act now! Ask him about his summer holidays and expectations for the new year at school.

20. Interest with His Tattoo

Nowadays, there are a lot of boys having tattoos on any part of the body. And if the one you like also has it, don’t be surprised.

Look attentively at something that is depicted on his body and if it is really worth admiring, let him know about that. It will be a marvelous beginning of your chat.

Usually, every tattoo has a special meaning for its owner. The guy will be extremely pleased to tell you about the origin of his tattoo and its main idea.

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21. Highlight Great News Events

Every day lots of great political and social events are broadcasted on TV. Today we can get different information from the farthest parts of our world, dealing with numerous troubles, wars, protests, and so on.

So, you can share your opinion about dangerous situations around the world. The man will definitely express his great concern about the problems which are often spoken about.

Now you can see that an enormous variety of interesting ideas can be used to have an exciting communication with a new guy in your life. Everything you need is a great desire and courage.

Just show your affection to the boy, and he will do the rest of the things. Maybe some of these ways you’ve already used before.

Were your attempts successful? What other effective tips for starting a chat do you know? And which of them do you use most often to become closer to a new man? I’ll be glad to read your comments.