Office Crush: How to Handle Your New Passion


Sometimes it happens so that we unintentionally feel attraction to people who work with us. As we spend much time with each other under one roof we come to know each other quite well.

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean something or to interfere with your work. Sometimes you can`t define that you have an office crush. So here is the list of the signs and some tips how to avoid it.

1. Noticing the look of clothes

Sure every person scans all the others to see their appearance and clothes without any meaning attached to it. When you like every single line and hue of the clothes of your crush you stare much.

You like how it fits and how the fabric plays. Well, your diagnose is – a crush. What you have to do is to make yourself stop watching and staring at this person.

2. Increasing of interaction

When you notice that you interact with your crush more than with other colleagues, beware. He may be like a magnet to you, you want to ask something, to deliver documents personally, to offer coffee, etc. there are many ways to bring this to end, starting from self-control to avoiding unnecessary contacts with your crash.

3. Lingering eye contact

In everyday communication an eye contact is important and significant. If you support eye contact with your interlocutor you give a psychological ground to develop good and trustful relationships. But when you catch yourself looking at somebody for too long it may indicate special interest.

So be careful with this and watch not to stare at a person for too long because it makes certain questions arise. When you look in somebody`s eyes for too long just look away for a few seconds.

4. Changing of your body language

It is a fact that we send 3 times more information nonverbally than by means of a language. So when you get interested in a person your body language will indicate it at once.

So be careful not to attract the attention of the people around you as it will be very easy for them to guess what`s going on. Stick to the professional demeanor and everything will be fine.

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5. Often lunching together

Having lunch together from time to time is natural as you have to keep friendly relationships with your co-workers. But when lunching together becomes a rule and it is not the office cafeteria but a semi-private location, it is a sure sign. Then you`d better to stop.

You won`t even notice when your talks will shift from discussing professional matters to private ones and light flirting. Find the most suitable way to put an end to your lunches together until your reputation or job suffers.

6. Getting closer

Another correct sign of a crush is getting closer. This means that there is a shorter distance between you two when you talk or pour coffee in the office kitchen.

Or your fingers touch when you hand the papers, or you stand too close in the line or in the elevator. When you notice this you should immediately move away or even leave.

7. Thinking about your crush

As you are working together you see each other every day, talk and hold common projects. In the office this person might occupy some small space in your thoughts.

But as soon as you start thinking about him outside office be sure, this indicates sympathy and interest. No matter how far you go in your fancies you`d better leave it until this becomes an obsession.

An office crush may happen to everybody whether intentionally or not. They may be short-lived or become something more, it is for you to decide.

Did you ever feel attraction to your co-worker? What did you do to stop it or did you let it go further? Waiting for your comments.