7 Ways to Know if Someone Loves You Romantically


There are a few obvious signs that someone loves you romantically you should look out for. Sure, they are not completely foolproof and many people send out mixed signals, but these ways can help you to know if that nice guy likes you romantically. Without further ado, here are a few obvious signs that someone loves you romantically.

1. Accidentally on purpose meet up with you

Do they keep bumping into you? If yes, then this is one of the signs they love you romantically and they are always trying to accidentally on purpose meet up with you. While this can be sweet, this can also be a little creepy.

If this person is constantly following you, this might be completely different matter and you might need to inform someone, especially if the things are getting out of hand! Sure, I don’t want to scare you unnecessarily, but it’s important for you to pay attention to this person. If they happen to keep running into you in the places they know you will surely be, they might like you romantically!

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2. Show a special interest in you

Now, pay very close attention to the conversation. If this person is showing a special interest in you and they are trying to keep the conversation going by asking questions, this is another sign someone loves you romantically. They might be showing interest in things you love and smile at you.

You know a genuine smile is a classic flirtation technique and it can say a lot. If you like this person and you are enjoying the conversation, make sure you keep it going by asking questions to show you are also interested in their life.

3. Make excuses to be with you

Is this person making excuses just to be with you? Sure, they may want to spend more time with you since you are a good person and they might not like you romantically, but it could also be a classic sign to look out for.

4. Plan for the future

Planning for the future is another obvious sign that someone loves you romantically. Definitely, I’m not talking about making wedding plans. I’m talking about plans about some events that may be coming up soon, such as parties concerts or.

If you are interested, feel free to accept the invite, however, don’t be caught out. If you don’t want to go, don’t be afraid to refuse. But make sure you do it in a polite way.

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5. Spend more time with you

Do they make excuses to talk with you for longer? Or do they cancel all their plans to spend more time with you? Again, you might be a great person to spend time with, and you might be a good conversationalist, but this is one of the signs this person likes you romantically and wants to spend a little more time with you.

6. Compliment you

If this person compliments you sincerely, this could be a sign that they like you romantically. Probably they have said you have a lovely smile, or beautiful hair, or nice clothes, or awesome jewellery, etc. Sure, they may simply be friendly but they can also like you romantically.

7. Mirror your movements

Watch their body language. If the person mirrors your movements, this is one of the classic signs they are interested in you romantically. If they move closer to you and even touch you subtly, for example, pat your hand, touch your cheek or move closer, these are flirtation signs.

If you are interested in this person and you are enjoying it, great! But if you are uncomfortable with it, you should certainly make it clear.

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Trust your intuition and feelings. If you think a guy is interested and you are interested too, feel free to ask him out on a date.

Don’t be disheartened or disillusioned if he refuses. Be proud of yourself for trying, forgive him and move on.

Do you know any signs to add to this list?