10 Best Skin Care Tips from Famous Women


It will be a good decision to use tips from famous women when you need to take care of your skin. I’m absolutely convinced that stars’ experience and success in having a wonderful look is undeniable.

Who can know better all the secrets of perfect beauty if not celebrities? So without any hesitations you can use their tips in everyday life.

Some of you can think that you need a great sum of money to make your skin perfect, but that’s not necessary. You can afford good skin care without any damage to your budget.

1. The benefit of using coconut oil

Coconut oil is a great solution for many skin problems. This idea I took from the author of The Beauty Detox Solution – Kimberly Snyder. The main aspect which she reveals in her book is vegetarian food but Snyder also touched upon the advantage of coconut oil in solving some skin problems.

When I tried her advice I was greatly surprised. The result was amazing! And I couldn’t understand why I didn’t use it before.

2. Become a vegetarian

Now I will tell you about the secret of a good skin care of my favorite celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a convinced vegan.

She doesn’t use beauty products that were tested on animals. Following her tip I also decided to buy beauty products which I know were not tested on animals.

3. Avoid toxic beauty products

This advice for skin care I took from Natalia Rose. She wrote the book, Detox for Women. Natalia is also one of my favorite famous people.

At first her book was published three years ago, and when I read it I discovered for myself a great importance of non-toxic products. The author tells in her book that women should avoid toxic skin care products.

I really felt a great result of this tip as my money was saved and my skin became more beautiful. Since I learnt Natalia’s advice I don’t use toxic products such as shampoos, cosmetic, body lotions.

I tried very hard to change my beauty routine for more organic and natural one. I use coconut oil and sea salt to wash my face. I take advantage of using coconut oil instead of shaving cream and lotion.

We can see that this oil can be used with different purposes. I can definitely say that my cosmetic is not much expensive but yet efficient.

You can buy non-toxic products at about $3. I would like to recommend you this tip for making your skin beautiful if you want to save your money and time.

4. Don’t overload on skin care products

Although you should have facial cleansers, scrubs and toners, you don’t need to use them every hour, even if you have oily skin. Using too much of skin care products can lead to irritation, strip your skin of moisture, and make it even more oily and sensitive.

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5. Don’t use too much make-up

Some famous women such as Natalie Portman and Natalia Rose think that the best tip for a good–looking skin is to avoid wearing too much make-up. You can certainly wear the best and fashionable clothes for a good look, but you don’t need to use a great amount of cosmetics on your face. That is the biggest mistake of many girls and women. I don’t use a lot of make-up and I feel more natural and my skin looks really nice.

6. Being a make-up snob is one of the negative sides

One more celebrity whom I really like is Bethenny Frankel. She attracted my attention because her sense of humor is unsurpassed, and she can easily admit her mistakes.

But the most important fact about her is that she tries not to be a make-up snob. I respect celebrities whose beauty looks really natural.

7. Go green

The best thing that you can take from famous people’s experience for improving your own beauty is eating healthy. A healthy diet can really make your skin look better.

Natalia Rose speaks about that in her book. She told about the advantage of green food. Another celebrity who shares the same secret of a good skin care is Kimberly Snyder.

You can read about that in her book, The Beauty Detox Solution. Greens influence our body positively and they make our skin looking amazing. Try to eat greens each day and you will prevent wrinkles, improve your health and body.

8. Drink Rooibos tea

If you want your skin look perfectly you should start drinking rooibos tea. I simply can’t live without it.

What is rooibos tea? It’s originated from the South Africa. It doesn’t contain caffeine, and its taste is sweet. In some way it even resembles vanilla. This plant has a great amount of antioxidants, which prevent wrinkles, acne, inflammation and other skin problems.

I usually use loose leaf rooibos tea. It can be prepared in the coffee pot. When I buy one pound it is enough for 2 months.

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9. Learn how to apply skin care products

It’s not only what you apply but also how you apply it. Every famous woman knows how to apply her skin care products properly.

Learn how to apply your skin care products and you will enjoy all of their benefits. For instance, when applying your moisturizer, take a few extra seconds to massage in it to increase circulation and enhance radiance.

10. Wear sunscreen

Even if you are not laying on the beach, you need to wear sunscreen each day. Not only does it protect against skin cancer, but against aging as well.

Make it a rule to apply a body sunscreen and a facial sunscreen every day and your skin will thank you. Famous women know that sunscreen is a daily essential, even during the cold winter months.

Can you share any tips from Hollywood stars? Tell me about their secrets of skin care and which is your favorite one. I will be glad to read!