7 Worst Ways to Attract a Guy


Whether you’re a seasoned dater or you’re a teenager who starts to date, there are some important things you should never do to attract a man. Perhaps you are the most intelligent and beautiful girl he will ever fall for or he will even feel lucky to have a date with you, but you might never know if you do the most to draw his attention. Check out a few worst ways to attract a guy.

1. Being rude

Don’t replicate anybody’s behavior to look better in his eyes. If you are polite and mannerly person, don’t change it. You don’t need to be rude, if you really don’t want to do it. Don’t let this local society “spoil” yourself. Everybody would like the company of easy-going and non-aggressive person.

I have adopted this way of behavior from my parents. I haven’t never heard any rude word in their talks. Naturally, I consider such behavior a norm and a model.

On the other hand, if it is your guy who is rude, and you try to adjust to him, you should give up the idea. Do you really need a man who shows his bad temper and disrespect at the least opportunity? I don’t think so.

It’s not the way an adequate and grown-up person behaves. Instead, try to smile and say “please” or “thank you” more. You will quickly notice that your politeness and goodwill attract any guy.

Don’t get irritated when something goes out of control. Learn to laugh at difficulties and problems and he will definitely notice it.

2. Being clingy

I understand when you’ve fallen in love you don’t need other people around, because you want to be with your significant other. But this is not good.

Appreciate the role of your family and friends in your life! Remember, what they have done for you and don’t shut them out from your life only because of one man. They may feel unwanted and it’s really offensive.

Furthermore, you have to set priorities correctly; your family and a new boyfriend are incommensurable things! You can fall in love every month, but your family it is the people who will be with you forever. It’s the only people who support and help you when you really need it.

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In addition, your lover can lose his interest if you demonstrate how quickly you got charmed with him. Vary your interests, hobbies, free time. Think what you can offer him except your loving look and words.

Don’t get me wrong. But most guys prefer interesting, broad-minded and outgoing girls.

Don’t be afraid of going out with him and don’t divide all your spare time to him. Life consists of different aspects and a new boyfriend isn’t a good reason to forget all you have.

3. False interest

Showing the false interest is also a bad way to impress a guy. You don’t need to share all his hobbies to make yourself better for him.

Once I had done this, and you know it was really stupid. I told him that I liked playing sports, though I had done it many years ago. He became curious about the details and all that I could tell was such nonsense.

Don’t lie no matter what. Remember, you can be caught with your lies, when he will ask you about your favorite team. What is worse, he can make you a surprise and prepare something like a tournament.

Try to imagine your facial expression and ridiculous explanations! Plus, don’t you think he can be familiar with the topic you lie about? In any case, your lie will sooner or later leak out and I’m not sure he will forgive you such tricks.

Such a beautiful, successful and broad-minded woman as you, have more than enough attractions to arouse interest in your man. Expose your natural interest, ask him to explain you some new things and don’t be afraid to speak your opinion on different issues. But never try to impress him with your lie.

4. Being an inferior

Even if you really love your loud guy, don’t be shy of your own intelligence and don’t become more closed than you are. Don’t let yourself put down your feelings and change some of your traits. He needs to be accustomed to you and realize how beautiful you are.

Don’t bother that he may not like your real personality, it’s even better. You will get chances to find a worthy guy that will accept your true essence.

Don’t hide your emotions and don’t think that your thoughts are not worthy his attention! You have already gone through a lot of life things and this is the way that you have chosen.

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Native Americans have a very wise proverb for this case. They say that before judging somebody, put on his shoes and walk his way – only then you’ll be objective and only then you will have any right to make judgments. It is really so.

You don’t have to make excuses for your choices. Sure, you will change your opinion down the road and maybe you will become someone else then, but you don’t need to do it only for impressing your guy. Be yourself!

5. Pretending

Don’t lose yourself! Don’t hide your features only for impressing somebody. This is your life and you have the freedom to be yourself.

You can get that nice guy and he might like you. But, are you sure that he likes exactly YOU? Sure, no, because he doesn’t know YOU! Let him know who you really are.

Maybe he will leave you, but you must know he will do it anyway, because nobody can constantly lie. Don’t lie to him and, please, don’t lie to yourself. Very soon you will get bored with the situation.

Moreover, don’t you think you can break his heart? Some people reckon that we build our lives; others suppose that our destiny is determined in heaven a long time ago. I think that two people aren’t meant to be together if one of them resorts to various tricks to save the relationship.

You can be happy without any false stuff, you just need to show everybody who you are. Moreover, people who don’t pretend to be someone else and who are well aware of their weak and strong points are much more confident. Trust me, among 7 billion people on this earth you will definitely find someone who will accept you as you are!

6. Using bad language

A lot of people all around the world use different words to express their feelings, perceptions and emotions. Many people use swear words without realizing that they can insult others.

After all, it’s terrible when women use swear words. You don’t need to use a bad language and say some rude words to somebody only to show a guy that you are super cool.

I would recommend you to forget this part of a language even if you speak with somebody else than your guy. Probably it’s one of the illusions women cherish about men. Try to substitute bad language with euphemisms or learn to formulate your thoughts politely.

Learn to control your emotions, as this skill is of great importance in adult life. When something goes out of control, take a deep breath, count till ten (optional) and only then start talking. Remember that kindness and goodwill are true companions of a woman.

7. Dressing like you are at the beach

Everybody knows that girls who wear mini skirts always get all attention everywhere. However, it’s not that kind of attention you would really appreciate. Although I think it’s not so bad to wear a mini skirt, sometimes girls wear too skimpy dresses and they get a bad reputation.

Everybody will pay attention to you, but you will not impress guys in a good way. They will likely think that you are easy accessible, and this will not help you to meet the man of your dreams.

Don’t overrate the meaning of your beautiful body in your future relationship. And don’t let anybody see your underwear or the lack of it. You will be sorry about it later.

Instead, choose feminine long dresses that set off your attractions but do not display your body or underwear. Believe me, fully dressed woman can arouse much more healthy interest than one in a mini skirt. Look for tutorials how to combine things wisely and look stunning.

When you get ready for a date you’d better forget about naked back, extreme tiny shorts, low neck and, of course, mini skirts. This easy rule will help to intrigue you man with your charming outfit.

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Remember, you don’t need to become somebody else only to impress a guy. Love is a really great thing and we all deserve to have it, whoever you are. What are your ways to attract guys?