7 Unusual Ways to Tell Others You’re Pregnant


Since pregnancy is one of the most fantastic and desirable periods in every woman’s life, you will surely be glad to share this wonderful news with your friends and relatives. Most women usually want to announce their pregnancy in funny and unusual ways, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose from many amazing ideas.

In most cases, women are overwhelmed with excitement when they learn about their babies to tell the news directly to everyone simply. Here are some extraordinary ways to inform others about your pregnancy. They will help you to make this moment unique and unforgettable.

1. Buy a T-shirt for Your Child

For those women waiting for their second or even third baby, it would be a perfect idea to buy their elder child a funny T-shirt that says, “I am a big brother.” You need to dress your child in it and go outside so that everybody can notice.

To my mind, this is a cool way to let your close people know about your pregnancy. Besides, you will have fun and make your friends laugh.

2. Give a Present

Think of some family holiday coming soon and make sure to give a present to your family members. That can be an excellent way to tell about your pregnancy.

I’m sure that you have already got a photo of your ultrasound. It can be a fantastic gift for your relatives.

Put the photo into a picture frame and present it to your uncles, aunts, or cousins. Such a creative idea will certainly help them understand that a new baby will soon join their family.

They all will be happy to hear this surprising news. And a special photo can make this moment memorable.

3. Bottles of Wine

We all like to celebrate some special occasions with our friends. What can be more pleasant than drinking a glass of fine wine with those you love?

Invite a couple of your best friends and share your happiness with them. This is a wonderful way to tell them you are in the family way.

Please write a few sentences about your little one on a sheet of paper and stick it to a bottle of wine. That note will clear up the situation, which can be a nice chance for your friends to toast. I would advise you to drink some juice or water instead of wine.

4. Use Shoes

Perhaps it can seem a bit strange, but I think that a pair of baby shoes is an uncommon way to inform others that you are pregnant. For example, you can take a photo of your shoes and your husband’s shoes together with baby shoes. Share it on your Facebook page or use some other social networking.

No doubt that all your friends and relatives will discover the news in no time. I can guarantee you that your phone will not stop ringing in the next few days and everybody will congratulate you on such a great event.

5. Send Cards

When it comes to such holidays as Christmas or Easter, most people use cards to congratulate their friends and families. Your pregnancy is also a special occasion that should be announced to your loved ones.

Sending cards is an effortless way to let everybody know you’re expecting a baby. A few months ago, one of my closest friends sent me a card with a photo on which she and her husband held a sign saying “Coming Soon.” It was fascinating! Why not try this idea?

6. Put a Bun in the Oven

If you haven’t decided yet how to tell your family that you are pregnant, I would recommend you invite your parents for dinner. Before they come, you can put a bun in the oven, and when you are sitting at the table, ask one of them to get it out for you.

They will certainly tell you, “You have a bun in the oven.” Maybe they will not grasp the idea at first, but they will understand everything in some minutes.

7. Make It Funny

If you like jokes and your friends appreciate your sense of humor, it’s a good opportunity to make your announcement funny. For instance, you can use a photo of a father who has fainted on seeing a positive pregnancy test and share it. As an alternative, make a poster with an interesting title and famous actors.

Do you have children? Did you use any unusual ways to tell your friends and relatives about your pregnancy? If you are in the family way now, these great ideas will help you to share your happiness with others in an exciting way.

Which one do you like most of all?