8 Unexpected Moves in Bed Men Adore


Wonder how to drive him crazy in bed? Sometimes it’s scary enough to try something new with a man because you don’t know how he is going to react, but with these useful tips you will be ahead of the game. Once you know all of the unexpected moves in bed men adore, you will come off sexy, hot, and confident.

1. Talk dirty

Talking dirty in bed is one of those things that seem a little off, but a man loves it. Compliment him, tell him what you like, and shout the dirtiest thoughts that come to your mind.

Don’t be afraid to let yourself go! It’s a great chance to unleash your inner sex goddess, so don’t hold yourself back.

2. Let him take control

Many times you might feel you need to prove your sex skills in bed, but your partner is not the only one who deserves to be pleasured. Sometimes you should let him prove his sex skills too.

One of the most unexpected moves in bed men adore is to tell him to show you what he’s got. He will be turned on and can’t wait to get you to the finish.

3. Let your fingers roam

Most of us think men have magic hands, but we have some power in our fingers too. There are some lusty spots on men that when teased and touched take them pleasure to an absolutely new degree.

A man’s prostate is his G-Spot. Press two fingers between the anus and testicles. This move in bed will make him crazy!

4. Make the foreplay last a little longer

One of the unexpected moves in bed men adore is foreplay. Foreplay starts with the conversation on the date, the texting or initial meeting. Touch every part of his body except his penis.

The teasing and tension you create will make him mad! Spend time kissing and licking his neck, his stomach, etc. until he can’t take it anymore.

5. Bring on the dessert

Most of us have seen those sexy movie moments where there is ice cream and chocolate syrup involved in sex. We often think to ourselves that it is messy or maybe not going to go as smoothly as it looks.

Men want something playful, yummy, and light. Show up with a can and go crazy on each other’s bodies!

6. Don’t overdo it

You don’t always have to overdo it, especially if you catch your man off-guard. After work just catch him by the collar and drag him to your bedroom for a good old sex. This will be so unexpected for him and a really win situation for you!

7. Bring your own toys

If you are a girl who is into whips, blindfolds, chains, handcuffs, then why not show up with all of it? Don’t think that you are going to scare the guy off because you are a little frisky, instead expect the opposite of giving him a move in bed men adore. The confidence you radiate will definitely make him go crazy!

8. Touch yourself

It’s good to get know your body. He is extremely turned on by the fact that you can pleasure yourself on your own. He relates you touching yourself to porn, because that’s what has turned him on so many times in his life. You just make his digital fantasy become reality.

Step out of your comfort zone and try some of these unexpected moves in bed men adore. What other experiences have you had that made your man go crazy? Share your thoughts, please!