7 Tips for Choosing Eyeliner


Eyeliner can be both a blessing and a curse to the make-up wearer. The benefit of eyeliner is that, if you use it right, it can enhance your eyes and make them stand out.

The downside is that there are many different kinds of eyeliners to choose from, and it can be hard to figure out what eyeliner is best for you. If you’re thinking about purchasing eyeliner, here are seven tips to help you decide which eyeliner to buy.

1. Consider what color you want

The first thing you’ll want to decide is what color of eyeliner you want. Do you want a neutral color that you can wear every day or do you want something that will really make your eyes stand out for special occasions? If you’re not sure what color would look best on you, your best bet is to match the color of the liner to the color of your eyes.

2. Think about thickness

In addition to color, you need to think about what type of eyeliner is best for you. The most common kinds are pencil, liquid and felt-tip liners.

Different types of eyeliners result in lines of different thicknesses. Liquid eyeliner creates thin and sharp lines, while felt-tip liners create thick but soft lines. Lines made by pencil liners can be thin or thick, soft or sharp, depending on the pencil.

3. Evaluate if you have a steady hand

Pencil liner is great for those just starting to use eyeliner or those with unsteady hands as it easiest to apply. Felt-tip liners are also easy to apply. Liquid liners are better suited for those with a steady hand and experience in applying eyeliner.

4. Decide if you need a waterproof formula

Waterproof eyeliners do not smudge or flake, but you need waterproof make-up remover to take them off. Waterproof eyeliners may be best for you if you live in a rainy or humid area, if you have contacts or if your eyes have a tendency to water.

5. See if you can try it before you buy it

Some department and beauty stores have samples on display so that you can try out eyeliners before buying. Experiment with the different samples and see what works best for you.

6. Ask about return policies

If you purchase eyeliner and then decide it’s not for you, some stores will allow you to return the product, even if it’s been opened and used. Research the return policies on make-up for the stores in your area.

7. Consult an expert

If you’re still not sure what kind of eyeliner would be best for you, ask a make-up consultant. Make-up consultants can be found at most department stores and beauty stores. They can advise you on what kind of eyeliner would be best for you and can also give you free samples to try out.