7 Tips for Keeping Your Eyeliner from Running


In summer it’s not easy to keep your liner from running, right? But there are some great ways that can help keep your liner in place all day. These are tried and true tips that absolutely work. Just choose one or a few that works for you, or try all of them.

1. Pay attention to the brand of your eyeliner

If you want to keep your eyeliner from running, then first of all you should use a good brand of eyeliner! When I can’t afford a higher end brand, I usually buy such drugstore brands like LoveMyEyes, LA Colors, or NYC, which are cheaper and still good.

2. Apply concealer under your eyes

If your eyeliner seeps into small lines below your eyes, try to apply several dots of concealer under your eyes before you put on your eyeliner. The concealer creates a barrier for your eyeliner to stay put.

3. Use face powder

After applying all your eye makeup except your mascara, take a fluffy brush, dip it in your loose powder, and apply lightly over your whole eyes. This will help to set your eye makeup in place, and will give your eyeliner something to stick to.

4. Try the layer technique

I’m sure you know how to get long lasting lip color. Well, the same technique applies for keeping your liner from running! Apply your eyeliner, smudge it out well, apply again and smudge it one more time! So you will have a long-lasting eyeliner that will not slide off your face!

5. Set your eyeliner

Another effective way to keep your liner from running is to set it! Take an eye shadow in the same color as your eyeliner, and apply the shadow over the eyeliner using a very thin brush! For a long-lasting and dramatic effect, wet your brush. This is a tried and true tip that always works.

6. Use oil-blotting sheets

Oily skin is one of the things that can make eyeliner melt and run easily. The thing is that the skin around your eyes produces oils so your liner can run before you even realize it. Always carry oil-blotting sheets with you, and if you notice some shine, gently blot that oil away. Your makeup will stay in place until you wash it off!

7. Change your formula

When you’re choosing a formula, keep in mind that different women have different skin types. Eyeliners come in pencil form, liquid form, crayon form, soft kohl and gel form. If you have oily skin, it is better to use a pencil form.

Do you wear liner? Do you know any tips for keeping the eyeliner from running? Share your thoughts, please!