8 Lessons to Learn From Past Relationships


I haven’t been in many relationships, but I’ve always looked for lessons to learn from each relationship that I have been in. If you want to know which lessons you can learn from past relationships, keep reading. I’ve got some things to learn from past relationships, which can really help your future relationships!

1. Communication

The most common lesson to learn from past relationships is communication. I mean, if you always had misunderstandings with your ex-boyfriend and you always had to evaluate your communication skills, don’t repeat the same mistakes. You should definitely take it into consideration for your future relationship.

2. Respect

Respect is another lesson to learn from past relationships. You should respect your boyfriend and your boyfriend should respect you too. If in the past you had lots problems with respecting your partner or respect from your partner, it could be a lesson to learn for your future relationship.

3. Similar morals and backgrounds

Of course you don’t have to date an exact clone of you, but you should know that having the same plans for the future and the same family ties is very important. So the other lesson to learn from past relationship is all about similar morals and backgrounds.

4. Learn to let things go

Learning to let things go is definitely the hardest lesson to learn from past relationships. Do you have problems with letting things go?

As for me, I still have some problems with it, but I have learned a lot and compare a lot to my past relationships. So I advise you to do the same.

5. You can’t force your boyfriend to act a particular way

One of the biggest lessons to learn from past relationship is that you can’t force your boyfriend to act the way that you want him to. Do you want to force your boyfriend to be nice to your parents when he doesn’t like them? I’m sure not.

6. Relationships are a shared effort

Every relationship involves shared effort and shared responsibility. This is absolutely one of the lessons to learn from past relationships.

Relationships are not something that can be shouldered alone. Besides nobody would want to shoulder an entire relationship by themselves, right?

7. You can’t change your boyfriend

This lesson goes hand-in-hand with number 5. You cannot force your boyfriend to do something you want, but you actually can’t change him either. So take it into consideration and don’t waste your time with someone that you are constantly trying to change but can’t.

8. Back down in particular situations

And the last lesson to learn from past relationships is to back down when the situation calls for it. I can back down when my boyfriend is so upset, and we can’t even talk without crying. It is time when we need a break and need to talk again after we’ve both calmed down.

These are all lessons to learn from past relationships that you can actually apply to your current or future relationship. Do you have some other lessons to add to this list? Share, please!