7 Best Ways to Get a Guy to Chase You


When you are in a relationship or have just started it, you always want your partner to run after you. I think you agree that it’s fine when you demonstrate your affection, but normally it’s the man who makes the first step like inviting a woman on a first date or proposing to get married.

It is not the only way, in fact, in which a great relationship creates but a lot of people feel convenient when everything goes in such a way. Check out a few best ways to get a guy to chase you that really work.

1. Be confident

Being confident is probably your main personality feature that makes your chosen one attracted to you. I do not know any man who could resist a self-confident woman.

Keep in mind that for possessing this trait you should work hard. Always remember who you are and know what you deserve. Allow your man to chase the woman he is fond of.

2. Stop it

All these ideas can be used at any time in a relationship, just from the start and when you are already married. When you desire to change the situation and think what you can do to make your guy to chase you instead of you doing it, it’s absolutely manageable.

You just have to stop. Do not run after him anymore. Everything will come, not at once, but be patient and you will see the result – how much your man loves you in reality.

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3. Remember that neediness repels

Typically, men do not like women in need. Being too demanding to him won’t work, and instead of chasing you your dream guy can leave you alone. In addition, never complain that you do not receive enough attention, since you will just be a pain in his neck.

You can only think about it and never do it actually, because when you see a woman who is exactly like you, it might also push you away. Nobody ever wishes to become such person.

4. Play hard to get

This way is very old, but I want to share it since it still works. Do not be too easy to get. Try not to pick up your phone on the first ring. Let the man of your dreams wait a couple of minutes before you are ready to go out.

The most important thing is to know your worth and really be difficult to get. If you follow this, you’ll become the only woman you man will desire.

5. Flirt

Another very fun way to make your perfect guy to run after you is flirt. This is an amazing opportunity to caught his attention and get him to chase you. You will probably agree that there are hundreds of ways to do it.

Try to tease your boyfriend and see how fast he will be beside you. Many men enjoy the chase part in a relationship and are usually more interested when they need to do it.

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6. Be busy

This tip should be used cautiously. Try not to be extremely busy. Though, you also have your life and allow your man to know that.

Showing your boyfriend that he is everything for you is not ok for both of you. You will only fall more in love with him.

7. Pull back

It’s not enough at times just to stop run after your dream guy; you also have to give your boyfriend some space and distance. Try to be patient and see the result.

I assure you it’s interesting to observe what he will do if you pull back. This means that you let your man miss you and that you are not obliged to do the first step. Eventually, you can be nicely surprised.

Now you know some of the best ways to make your man chase you. If you have any tips feel free to share them with us.