7 Great Ways to Become a Good Team Player at Work


A success of an enterprise mostly depends on how the employees manage to work in team. That`s why to be an effective team worker is the key to success and probably to a promotion. Team players are usually skillful, active, and initiative. Your efforts will be noticed and rewarded accordingly. H

elping your colleagues is never a waste of time, it is important to think of an overall picture because you all have one purpose. Follow these ways that I offer you and they will help you become a part of a united team.

1. Be reliable

Team work is not only about being nice and friendly with everybody. It also means that you are a person to rely on. You have to be aware of your responsibilities and you are to carry them out no matter what.

You are to keep your promise as well. If you promise to finish the project till tomorrow then do it. If you fail you let down all the team. You can never do the work by fits and starts because certain standard of quality is to be set and stuck to.

2. Be helpful

As your work goes smoothly and you finish everything in time don`t leave your coworkers without attention. Your colleagues will be grateful if you offer to make them tea or coffee. Don`t be shy to offer them your help.

Various situations might appear in the process of work and you may face different problems. Be a kind of an office angel who can help a coworker to meet a deadline, who can encourage his colleague when everything goes wrong. Even if you tell a joke and make everybody laugh it will lift team spirits and reduces stress.

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3. Be a social butterfly

Being in a team means to have friendly relations with your coworkers. You should know all the people you work with, not only your boss and a man sitting opposite.

Friendly chats at lunch over a cup of coffee are a good start. Then your work will be more pleasant and more effective. A friendly atmosphere will only be for the better and you all can work and yield results.

4. Be a yes-girl

This principle seems so easy to keep but yet so difficult. How do you think you would manage to agree to all the offers and requests, help when necessary and take extra responsibilities, like organizing a general visit to the theatre.

It is rather challenging, as it requires some additional time, which I think you`d rather spend on yourself or your nearest and dearest. Becoming a good team worker presupposes giving much energy, time and efforts to your job and it can`t be otherwise.

5. Do a great job

Without doubt your boss won`t tolerate a second-rate work from you, as well as from your colleagues. Every worker is an integral part of a machine and if one brakes the whole machine goes out of order. So you are to work hard and do your best, to show that you are a real professional.

When every person in the team pushes for success, the whole team will undoubtedly achieve great things. Be that part of the machine which is right and necessary but not which causes troubles.

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6. Be emotionally intelligent

If you have such a skill, use it, if you don`t – develop it. If your emotional radar are geared up for emotions of others you can enjoy all the benefits of it. People in the office around you most likely won`t be showing their emotional stress.

If you see that somebody is not okay no matter what reason, be supportive and kind. We all need to be comforted though we never consent.

7. Be a manager

I also advise to use your managing skills. Try to become a leader and group your colleagues into a band. People working together inevitably spend much time in one premise and get to know each other quite good.

It would be great if you and some of your coworkers would spend some time together after work. Experienced employers have long ago found out that the team works with a better result if they stay together outside the office. So if you become a non-official leader, your boss will notice it.

So, as you see to be a good team worker is not that easy as it seems at the first sight. You should be full of enthusiasm and initiative, be friendly and of course be a professional at what you do. Anyway, when a person has a goal and a strong desire to reach it there is nothing impossible.

Do you find yourself as a part of a team? What do you do to become irreplaceable among your colleagues? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!