7 Dinner Party Etiquette Tips to Follow to Be a Real Lady


If you get an invitation to a great dinner party, there are several etiquette tips you need to follow in order to be a real lady. You can behave as you’d like when you are eating with your family and friends, however, when you are invited to a fancy dinner, it’s important to behave properly. Check out 7 dinner party etiquette tips to follow to be a true lady.

1. Bring a small present

If you are invited to a nice party, it will be polite to bring some small present. It can be type of drink or food. But it doesn’t mean that you should purchase the most expensive wine in the store.

Even if you bring something inexpensive or you can even make it yourself. When you bring a gift, you show that you’re really happy to be at this party.

2. Remember silverware rules

When the table is set up with multiple spoons and forks, we cannot take whichever one we want. We should begin with the silverware that is farthest away from our plate, and then work our way toward the inside.

When it comes to drink, it must be placed on the right side of the plate. It’s important to remember silverware rules if you want to behave like a real lady.

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3. Pass food from left to right

Passing food from left to right is an essential tip to follow. Don’t reach across the table to get something or hand food to somebody because you can spill whatever is placed between you, and make a mess. To be a real lady, simply pass food to left and allow someone to do the work.

4. Turn off your phone

When you are at a dinner party, you should certainly turn off your phone. You know, if you answer a call it will be rude, so it’s better to keep your phone on silent. Also, never text at the dinner table, instead focus on your food and the other guests.

5. Be polite

It’s terrible when someone speaks when their mouth is filled with food. If you want to say something, make sure you finish chewing before starting the conversation. Also, instead of cutting your food all apart at once, you should cut it one piece at a time.

6. Pay attention to your body language

If you want to look like a real lady, your body language is highly important. Keep your back straight and your elbows off of the table. Don’t rest your feet up on the table or your chair.

Place unfolded napkin over your lap and when you are finished with your dinner, place it on the table. Don’t leave it on your chair or place it on the plate.

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7. Write a thank you note

Finally, once the dinner party ends, it’s a nice idea to write your hostess a short thank you note and send it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed.

Just thank your hostess for inviting you over, and don’t forget to compliment the delicious meals she cooked. By sending a thank you note you will show your appreciation and good manners.

You don’t have to follow these etiquette tips when you are eating out with your close friends. But, at a nice dinner, you should certainly behave the proper way. If you have any other tips, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section.