Labor and Delivery Options for Child Birth


There are many options today to allow you to customize your own birthing experience. Having a child is one of the most meaningful and joyous occasions in your life.

When you meet your child for the first time, make sure the experience is a comfortable one for both you and the child. Your religious views, family tradition, and personal ideals will play a role in the process of planning your baby’s birth.

Location! Location! Location!

Where you decide to have your baby is very important, as this decision will affect how many other choices you have for customizing the process.

Home Birth

Many women choose to have their babies at home. You can do this if you decide to use a midwife, or doula. At home you have the option of having the baby in water, or on a bed.

Your doula or midwife will discuss the many positions available to make you as comfortable as possible. Drugs are not generally available for home birthing. If something goes wrong, and you must have a caesarian section, you midwife or doula will call for an ambulance to take you top a hospital for the procedure.

Birthing Centers

Birthing centers are all different, and you should educate yourself on what is available in your area. These centers usually are for natural birth with a doula or midwife. The experience will be similar to that of a home birth, and much cozier than a hospital.


Hospitals also allow the use of tubs for water birthing, different positions, and midwives or doulas. Hospitals, however, are a little less cozy and more of a sterile environment.

Hospitals have doctors and anesthesiologists on staff. Pain medication is available at the hospital. This is one reason most women choose hospitals over birthing centers or home births.

However you decide to plan your baby’s birth, make sure you weigh your options and talk to your healthcare provider about any concerns. Being prepared for labor and delivery is the key to a less stressful birth. Congratulations on your new family member!