10 Important Things You Should Do before You Turn 25


There are lots of things not to do in life such as getting a mullet or a tramp stamp, but there are also several important things every person should do before they turn 25. Entering your 20s can be hard, especially if you don’t know what your opportunities are or maybe you have plenty of them. Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate what you should do and what you should avoid doing. Check out the list of 10 important things you should do before you turn 25. Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the right choices in life.

1. Make an investment

It doesn’t matter whether it will be towards your education, stocks or your first car, just make an investment in something practical (with an extensive amount of research before). Online shopping once a month and eating out for lunch every day is good, but there’s no value in those things because they are not needs, but wants. Making an investment will teach you how to put money aside, saving and being patient for something for a long time ahead, which is an important skill considering today’s economy. You will be grateful to yourself later, if you make your money work for you today.

2. Live on your own

Another important thing to do before you turn 25 is trying to live on your own. Lately, I started thinking about moving out from my parents’ house and I never understood how much I took for granted… evidently pans and pots don’t come with my cupboards. I really must buy them. It’s seems scary but empowering and exhilarating. In addition, it gives me such independence that I haven’t known before. Living on your own makes you more responsible and helps learn how to take care of yourself.

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3. Be single

Though there is much to learn from being in a long term relationship, the best option to learn about yourself is being single. When you’re alone, the decisions you make are only for you, but when you’re in a committed relationship you have to take into consideration how your choices affect your partner. When you’re single it’s a time in your life when you can find out who you want to be and what you want. Consequently, you’ll be sure in which direction you would like to head your life and be happier with yourself.

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4. Volunteer

Definitely, volunteering can change your perspective on life. A lot of volunteering opportunities are to help bring awareness to a cause or to help those who are not so lucky than you. It teaches the lesson “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” and be happy with what you have. In addition, the efforts and time put in to volunteering will teach you how to devote and commit yourself without expecting anything in return.

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5. Be in a committed relationship

Having experienced a committed, long-term relationship when you’re young teaches you a lot. You learn how to communicate, how to compromise, how to trust and how to respect your partner. Moreover, it teaches you what you shouldn’t do, for example, you shouldn’t be aggressive, judge and put yourself first all the time. Like everything in life, relationships are lessons we should learn from and to my mind it’s important to be in a committed relationship at least once before you turn 25.

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6. Cut out the drama

I often think that ages that end in 5s and 0s are the ages when you need to refresh your life. When you’re 25, you are a certified adult and no one can tell you what you should do. That’s why before you turn 25, cut out all the childish drama from your life, for example, a friend from high school who always leaves you hanging and exes. It’s really better to find friends who won’t hinder you and have similar perspectives and goals like you and are going to help you to get to where you want to be.

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7. Travel

I often read a couple of quotes that inspire me to go out and do something. But, once I read a quote by Saint Augustine which said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page,” which made me understand there is so much of the world to embrace and explore. Going somewhere from your home, meeting different people, travelling the world and integrating into new cultures is so important to character building. Stepping in to someone else’s reality and stepping out of your own is extremely necessary in your perspective of life, that I think is something that should do before you turn 25.

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8. Be happy

One of the most important habits you should develop before you turn 25 is to learn how to be happy no matter what. Learning to be happy can be difficult, especially if you have lots of problems. But, if you want to live a longer life, cultivate a positive attitude. Numerous scientific studies show that optimistic people tend to have better mental and physical health and live much longer than pessimistic people.

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9. Exercise

You’re not 18 anymore so you need to keep track of your health every day. Excessive studying, partying, and leading a busy, hectic lifestyle in your teens and early twenties can negatively affect your health. That’s why you need to consider making a habit of exercising and eating healthy before you turn 25. The earlier you start leading a healthy lifestyle, the healthier you will be in your 50s.

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10. Learn to manage your finances

As an adult, you’re the only person who is responsible for managing your money. You need to know how much money you make, where your money is going, and whether you are meeting your personal financial goals. Money can be a burden or an asset, but a lot depends on how you budget it. Managing your finances wisely can have a huge positive impact on your life, trust me. Even if you don’t earn a lot of money, you still need to learn to budget it. Who knows, maybe you’ll be making more money down the road and you will need that money management skills.

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These tips aren’t written in stone and can always be tweaked. Remember the most important thing to do is what’s best for you. Would you like to share any other ideas on what someone should do before they turn 25?