11 Incredible Things to Buy on Black Friday


Black Friday is one of the best and worst days to shop. The best day is because you can buy many useful and interesting things without wrecking your budget. The worst day is because you can run into debt without even noticing that.

Plus, you may end up buying lots of unnecessary things. It’s crucial to plan your Black Friday shopping in order to get the best deals and save your hard-earned money. After all, do you want to ring in the new year without money, or worse, with a huge debt?

On Black Friday, each store wants you to believe that you are buying the best things, but most sales are not that wonderful. Here are eleven things you can buy on Black Friday that are really worth your money.

1. Kitchen appliances

Every year new models of washers, refrigerators, coffee makers and many other kitchen appliances come out, and they usually are cheaper than old ones. On Black Friday, you have a great opportunity to buy all kitchen appliances you need and save some cash for your Christmas dinner.

If you need a new washer, consider buying a new dryer too, since most stores offer a reduced combined price for them. Check it out and make smart purchases.

2. TV

If you need a new television, Black Friday is a great time to look for it. Many people invest in electronics on Black Friday so you will probably have to stand in a huge line.

However, if you do a little research and plan your shopping time and route in advance, you’ll purchase a television of your dream without standing in line and spending more than you plan. Moreover, you may get a gift when buying a certain size TV. It maybe be a gift card, a free DVD player, or anything that you may find useful.

3. Toys

If you have many children to buy Christmas gifts for, consider buying toys on Black Friday. They are going to be cheaper and hopefully better.

I have two nephews, four nieces and three godchildren and they all want to receive a nice toy on Christmas. Black Friday shopping is a significant money-saver for me. I buy lots of awesome toys and I know that kids will love them!

4. Jewellery

If you want to buy something for yourself or your mom, opt for jewellery. Real silver and gold jewellery will be on sale everywhere on Black Friday.

If you are planning to attend or host a Christmas or New Year party, look for some festive pieces of jewellery. Jewellery is also a great Christmas gift idea, though more expensive than toys. Do a little research in advance to find the best deals.

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5. Videogame systems

If you want to invest in a new television, why not buy a new videogame system too? It will be cheaper on Black Friday, and it will be a perfect gift for your child.

Plus, you may get a gift card for your next purchase. You won’t get any cash back, but you will buy another thing you need at a reduced price.

6. Wallets and handbags

If you need a new handbag, consider buying one on Black Friday. The great news is that you can buy a brand new and designer handbag at a reasonable price.

Moreover, you can buy a designer wallet without spending your whole paycheck. Sure, a designer handbag or wallet is not a must-buy thing, but if you really need it, why not splurge on it?

7. Bedding

If you can’t afford a home renovation now, you can change some small details and ring in the new year in a more beautiful house. Start with your bedroom. On Black Friday, you can buy a luxury bedding at a low price.

It’s a quick and easy way to redecorate your room without spending a fortune. You can also invest in a beautiful lamp and luxury curtains to match your bedding.

8. Smartphones and tablets

With the plethora of cheaper smartphones and tablets on the market, you may not even think of buying the one on Black Friday. However, there are many different discounts on these gadgets this day.

Just don’t opt for the cheapest one, since it has less memory, only about 4 Gb. This means it won’t hold plenty of apps, movies and music.

Don’t buy a tablet if you don’t actually need it. There are plenty of other wonderful things to purchase on Black Friday. For instance, the next thing is a new laptop…

9. Laptop

This year I’m going to buy a good laptop and I’m going to do it on Black Friday. Why? Because it will be much cheaper, though I know it might be hard to get it due to the huge lines.

If you need a laptop and you decide to buy it on Black Friday, make sure you go shopping early in the morning. You don’t need a laptop, then maybe you need a warm coat or stylish boots…

10. Coats and boots

Every woman needs a stylish, warm coat and nice boots, but we know how pricey these things can be. I did a little research and found out that coats and boots are much cheaper on Black Friday, and there are shops that offer huge discounts on these things. Just do a research and find the shop where you can buy a beautiful coat or boots at a moderate price.

11. Food

While most people focus on more expensive things that are expected to be cheaper on Black Friday, we forget about the essentials. However, grocery shopping on Black Friday is a must try.

Most grocery stores have a ton of terrific deals that will help you stock on the most common foods and save some cash for Christmas gifts. Check food expiration dates and don’t buy foods if the packaging is torn, open, or damaged.

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Sure, just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean you should buy something. If you’re on a tight budget, or you simply have everything you need, stay home and avoid shopping at all. The things mentioned in this little article are some of the best things that are worth your money.

Make a plan, leave your credit cards at home, grab some cash and go Black Friday shopping. Hopefully, you will make smart purchases.

What things are you going to buy on Black Friday?