9 Best DIY Christmas Presents for Your Man


As Christmas is coming fast, the greatest concern for everybody becomes the choice of a present for friends and relatives. But most women are worried so much about gifts for men. It can really be a difficult process to choose and buy the best present for your man. I want to suggest you some Christmas presents for men which you can do yourself. You will not have to stand in long lines in order to purchase a present. You can make something for a man taking into consideration his likes and interests. Be sure he will be pleased and satisfied when you present him something made with your hands. When a gift is made but not bought your man will see how much you appreciate him.

1. Write a Poem or Song

You can say that you are not talented enough to write poems, but the main point of such gift is your soul and feelings which you express in a poem. No matter for whom you write, your sweetheart or father, they will be equally glad to receive your gift. It can be a nice decision to make a good presentation of your poem or song. Think about that.

2. Write a Book

You can make a special book for your husband or any male member of your family. Once I tried such experience. That was a journal in which I wrote about my great love to my husband. Also the decoration was perfect. If you decide to make such present to a man better cover it in contact paper. It will help to keep your book safe. I must admit that such present will amaze every man. You can also try to involve your children in the process of making this gift.

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3. Cook an Exquisite Dish

Without a doubt every man likes to eat tasty and exquisite dishes. Some men can’t help eating different kinds of desserts. So Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for you to surprise and fulfill your man’s desires. To cook one of his favorite dishes is an incredible idea! The best choice will be a dinner served in a decorated room with candles on the table. This is one of the best ideas for the DIY Christmas present for men.

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4. Make a Picture

In case you are good at drawing or painting you can make a fantastic picture for your boyfriend. Don’t neglect your talent. This present will be memorable and significant for a man. You can depict whatever you want. For example his favorite animal or you together with him would be a splendid idea. If painting is not one of your talents you can ask a professional make it for your man.

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5. Knit or Sew Something

Get an advantage of your knitting or sewing skills and prepare a gift for a man. The perfect idea for Christmas present is knitting a scarf. It will warm your beloved man in cold winter days. And every time he wears it he will feel your enormous love. While knitting something for your man, don’t forget about his preferences in clothes. In any case he will be happy to get this present from you. Try to make it comfortable and cute.

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6. Coupon Booklet

If you don’t have enough money or you don’t like any other idea you can make for your husband a coupon booklet. Slips of paper can be used for coupons. The brightest ideas for them can be the following: his favorite home-made food, a day for meeting with friends, one day without any chores, one massage and many others. This brilliant idea will certainly appeal to your sweetheart.

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7. Make a Picture Collage

I must tell you that this gift is one of the easiest to do. You can choose different ways of its preparation. To my mind the best one is to make a collage of pictures with you and your significant man. You can also make a collage for some of your relatives or members of your family. When making this gift you should use the pictures of things or places which the man likes. It will make it more interesting. Put these pictures together with glue on a broadsheet and after frame it. Another way is to design a collage in a website. This present is expected to be one of the most favorite for your man.

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8. Memory Book

If you want to give your special man an unforgettable gift on this Christmas you should make a memory book for him. You can fill it with photos of the most significant and valuable things for your man. For instance you can take the photos of some happy and successful moments in his life, souvenirs, memorable places and others. Your man will surely appreciate this present.

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9. YouTube Video

Nowadays it makes no problem for you to make a nice YouTube video. There is an enormous range of things you can choose. Using the Internet and your computer software you have an opportunity to make a great video clip, a lovely video with your pictures together, a special song. Moreover you can make a video with you while doing some pleasant thing for your love. Let your man feel all your attention and devotion on this special day.

I hope after reading my list of these presents for men you will have no doubts what to choose for the most important people in your life. No matter who is that person for you, make something that will suit him perfectly. If you have any ideas about DIY presents for men I will be glad to hear from you.