7 Absolutely Acceptable Reasons Not to Buy Gifts


Nowadays many people want to stop buying gifts because of a tight budget. When money is really tight, having to purchase presents for family and friends can push your budget to the limit.

Moreover, it can be hard to think of a present that people would certainly like. Check out a few absolutely acceptable reasons not to buy gifts.

1. Save your money for yourself

Never buy anything for people who don’t appreciate it. Polite people always express their appreciation, even if they don’t like the present, while others can make it clear that they don’t like your gift.

They may look down their nose at your present because you haven’t spent enough, for instance. That’s why it’s better to save money for yourself and for your family!

2. It’s very expensive

Perhaps, the most understandable reason not to buy gifts is that it’s too expensive. Okay, if you can afford it, continue buying gifts. But if your budget is very tight, why not stop buying presents, especially if it means getting into debt?

3. Commercialization

Most occasions have become extremely commercialized these days. It’s not only the traditional gift-giving occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

Today we should buy for Teacher’s Day and Secretary’s Day. And there are all those never-ending collections in the office for leaving, weddings and babies. Do you need more reasons not to buy gifts? Read on!

4. Unwanted presents

Just look on eBay or in any thrift store and you will see tons of unwanted presents after Christmas. What’s the point of purchasing presents that won’t actually be appreciated?

If you don’t know someone’s taste, you might end up buying something only for the sake of it. It’s just a waste of money, don’t you think?

5. Others may want to stop buying gifts too

If you decide to stop buying gifts, you may find that your relatives and friends want to stop buying gifts as well. They may be relieved that you have made the suggestion.

If some people still want to give gifts, there’s a compromise. You could opt for homemade gifts.

6. Too many people

Parents, children, siblings, friends, in-laws, teachers, neighbors, the list can be endless! Even if you buy small presents it can still add up.

And that’s a big reason to stop buying presents. You can buy presents only for the children but think twice before buying something.

7. Spoiling

Speaking about presents for kids… Yes, it’s fun to buy some gifts for them, but many of them get far too many presents.

At birthdays and Christmas children have a large pile of presents to open, however, when kids open gifts they usually choose one favorite, and others just ignore it. If you really want to gift something to a child, it’s better to put some money in their savings account.

If you really enjoy buying presents, then there is no reason to give up buying gifts. But if it causes you financial problems, then consider giving up buying gifts. The main thing to remember is that presents must be given because you want to, but not because it is so expected.

What’s the most memorable and worst present you have ever received? Do you enjoy buying gifts? Please comment below.