8 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Creative gift wrapping ideas are an excellent way to let your creativeness out when it comes to present giving. During the holiday period gift bags and even simple wrapping paper and ribbon are at a high price. So get inspired by 8 creative gift wrapping ideas you will definitely like.

1. Personalized art

If you have some artistic skills, why not create your own personalized wrapping paper? I’m not going to tell you that it should be something serious.

It can be several watercolor splashes or simply brush strokes on plain paper. Make a few copies by photocopying. It’s one of the most creative gift wrapping ideas you need definitely try!

2. Cloth gift wrap

When you want some original gift wrapping ideas, I would like to suggest you cloth gift wrap. It’s very sustainable, and of course, the person who will receive your present won’t throw out this beautiful piece of fabric.

While wrapping the gift, secure open ends with a safety knot, button, or pin. The great idea is if you use for example a vintage scarf, it could be also a second present!

3. Puffy pompons

Pompon is one of the most popular choices for decoration and crafts. You can use larger pompons as statement gift toppers or smaller pompons strips instead of ribbons.

When it comes to gift wrapping ideas, people are going pompon crazy! If you don’t have enough patience or time to make your own pompons, you can always buy some at a craft store.

4. Sticker fun

It is one of my favorite ways to restore some plain old gift wraps by adding a few stickers. Something simple like those sticker stars or dots you get from office supply stores could look amazing when stuck on wrapping paper.

For instance, gold star stickers might look subtle while multicolored sticker spots could create some confetti effect. In addition, you can also use some themed stickers to suit the gift or occasion recipient.

5. Stamped gift wrap

Are you looking for some other gift wrapping ideas? Why not create your own patterns and stamp plain wrapping paper? If you have the money you could pick already made stamps up. But if you have a tight budget you could create your own stamps.

Stamp some paper beforehand then wait for it to dry, and now you can wrap your gift. You could stamp patterns, shapes, or letters. The great part about stamping is that you can do many in a short amount of time.

6. Unusual paper

When it comes to choosing wrapping paper you could opt for dressmaker’s patterns, book pages, posters, or maps. Steer clear of the gift wrap aisle and then think of various uses for things you could not initially think of as cute wrapping paper.

7. Yarn

Do you usually tie up your gifts with a ribbon? This holiday season tries using yarn to create a fuzzy and warm appearance.

Using yarns of different colors is also an excellent way to create an ombre effect or a beautiful rainbow. Don’t be too precious about tying them up because different sized knots and uneven ends add to the fascination of the decoration.

8. Multiple layers

When you are presenting your gifts, there is no reason to use only one layer of wrapping paper. You can match plain wrapping paper with smaller strips of contrasting card or patterned paper. When it comes to gift wrapping, multiple layers could create a really professional look.

These are only a few creative gifts wrapping ideas. Spending more time on a presentation could really make a gift seem more special and thoughtful.

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Maybe you have some other gift wrapping ideas? Share your thoughts, please!