7 Most Marvelous Things That Represent Christmas


The time of winter holidays is approaching so quickly and I look forward to Christmas every day. If I had such an opportunity I would celebrate this holiday very often.

It’s interesting to know which things can represent Christmas for people. I have my own list of things that I always associate with Christmas.

1. Jesus Christ’s Birth

Maybe I will disappoint someone but in real Jesus was born in spring and not in winter as we used to think. If you don’t believe you can do a research and find out more information using Google.

In spite of that fact we still celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. It’s an original tradition of all Christians.

2. Presents

I believe the most important and long-expected moment in Christmas celebration for everyone are presents. I must admit that it’s a great pleasure to give presents to those you love. You can be sure that you will be much more satisfied when give presents to someone rather than receive from others.

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3. Santa Claus

I can destroy all your childish dreams and beliefs about Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer but I will say they don’t exist. Nevertheless this old whitebeard man is a picture of Christmas for us.

He is an indispensable part of this great holiday. In different European countries he has different names.

But I don’t know exactly the origin of the name Santa Claus. If to speak about Asians they have never believed in this fabulous figure.

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4. Cinnamon Flavor

Every time when I smell cinnamon Christmas comes to my mind. I’d like to know if somebody else also has such feelings or it is my personal sensation. I think cinnamon is an ideal thing that can represent Christmas.

You can notice that during Christmas time people use cinnamon everywhere. You can also choose mint or pine to have a nice fragrance in your home. But I prefer cinnamon most of all.

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5. Christmas Tree

It’s really difficult to imagine Christmas without special pines and fir-trees. For me the main attraction of these magic trees are their lights.

Certainly you can tell that only children are fascinated with the beauty of Christmas trees. Some adults like I also admire them. They represent Christmas because we can usually find our gifts at them, which are so huge that can’t be put into stockings.

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6. Christmas Stockings

It was an amazing feeling in my childhood to make Christmas stockings when the holiday was coming. Normally people hung stockings above the fireplaces.

But we didn’t have them, so it was really funny. Still we used to make stockings as it was a tradition.

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7. Christmas Carols and Hymns

One of the most significant and brilliant Christmas traditions are carols, hymns and special songs. They make this holiday vivid and majestic.

There is some difference between carols and hymns. Hymns are usually religious songs, but carols are not connected with festive time.

You can find a great number of carols and hymns all over the world and they are in different languages. If you want to get some new impressions from carols and Christmas songs I advise you to look for ones in another language.

Surely all people have their own images of Christmas and its representations. That’s why my ideas mentioned above must not certainly appeal to somebody else. You can tell about the things which you associate with Christmas.