9 Tips for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree


The decoration of a Christmas tree is the major event of this magic holiday. This tree is the symbol of Christmas and every time we look at it, the holiday atmosphere wakes up in our minds. That’s why it is very important to decorate our Christmas tree beautifully and elegantly. I will give you some recommendations on how to do it correctly.

1. Buy a Tree

If you want to have a wonderful Christmas tree you should start from looking for a perfect one. It is the basis of your creation. Be careful while choosing a good tree. Nowadays there is an enormous range of trees which you can purchase. Pines and fir trees will suit perfectly to those who adore their fresh smell, fake trees can be chosen by people who are more practical and don’t want to spend money every year. No matter which tree you will buy, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

  1. Your tree should have a nice shape. The branches of the tree must be symmetric and form a cone shape. In case you chose a fake tree, put the branches together in such way that there won’t be an empty space between them.
  2. It is necessary to have a tree stand with a special water container. Using them you will manage to fix your tree in a right way. Make sure that you fill the container with water after the tree is set up. Arrange a bordure for the tree on the floor. It will help you to avoid needles scattering around.
  3. The most difficult and unpleasant step in decorating a Christmas tree for many people is to set up the lights on it. It will be a bit easier if you prefer to buy a fake tree which can have small lights. It will save your time for other details of the decoration.

2. Think Over a Theme for Your Tree

In order to decorate your tree in a smart way and make it look exquisite you can certainly choose some definite theme. It will help you to create a unique and unsurpassed Christmas tree.

Perhaps you are fond of collecting different ornaments depicting various themes. This is a nice idea to add them to your tree decorations.

Don’t be upset if you couldn’t manage to invent any bright theme for a Christmas tree, the holiday itself is a great theme to use.

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3. Choose an Appropriate Color Spectrum

To create a perfect and marvelous tree you need to use one color spectrum decorating it. As a result your tree will have an accomplished look. The main points which you should remember when trimming the tree are the following: the decorations have to match the color of the room, you should leave some space for your childhood ornaments which are still significant. Consider these color spectrums which can appeal to you:

  1. Cool colors such as silver, blue, purple can look really gorgeous. It will be a right choice to decorate your tree with artificial ice and snow and add some sparkling details. Following this color scheme don’t use golden, red and yellow colors. Blue or colorless lights will be a wonderful addition. Your Christmas tree will look elegantly if you use only silver and white colors.
  2. Popular Christmas colors such as red and green will add some brightness to your tree. You can choose lovely red ribbons, ornaments and garlands to accompany a fresh green tree. Some gold or silver trim will provide the tree with a brilliant look.
  3. Stick to the scheme in which warm or cold colors prevail. Trying this way of decoration you will provide yourself with a Christmas tree which doesn’t resemble any other. If you made up your mind to have a cold tree you should prepare silver, blue, purple and green decorations; if you focused on a warm tree the prevailing colors should be orange, gold and red.
  4. One more color scheme is metallic. These colors include bronze, gold and silver. What is the most important about them is that they can be mixed together easily. Clear lights will emphasize the brightness of the tree.

4. Focus on Bulbs with Ornaments

Some people have a lot of various ornaments which they can collect for many years. And Christmas is a great opportunity to share that beauty with others. But what to do if you don’t have such collection at home?

You should certainly purchase a set of ornaments that will enable your tree with a magnificent look. Keep in mind some tips which can help you to select the proper ornaments.

  1. Give preference to shiny or matte ornaments. Using bulbs of different colors will make your tree more vivid and cheerful. But if you are not good at experiments better use either matte bulbs or shiny.
  2. While buying decorations for your Christmas tree you should control your expenses. Nowadays it’s easy to find multipacks with ornaments at numerous shops. They will save your money significantly. It’s a nice decision to use those bulbs as the base of your decoration and a few expensive ornaments will add some luxury to your tree.
  3. Be careful while choosing the size of the bulbs and mixing them together. It’s better to stick to the same size of bulbs. But if you are eager so much to try some other sizes you can add several bulbs that are different. You will make your tree more attractive. The main rule you should remember is that the difference in the size mustn’t be great.

5. Set up Small Lights

If you dream of a marvelous and elegant tree you should definitely forget about huge bulbs of light. They will only impair the results of your decoration. Small glittering light is a splendid idea! Lights shouldn’t be the main attraction of the tree, they should only emphasize its beauty.

If you are afraid to fail in choosing the lights, the best idea for you are white or clear lights.

To succeed in your tree decoration, don’t use musical or flash lights. Remember about the color spectrum you picked for your tree.

6. Start with the Lights

Putting the lights on your Christmas tree requires so much hard work from you. Try to do that process correctly and finally you will be fascinated with a glorious look of your tree. Take into considerations the following pieces of advice:

  1. Locate the lights filling the whole space of the tree. To make the cord invisible put some of them on the branches.
  2. To control how evenly you spaced the lights it’s better to go away from the tree in some distance and look at it. Find out those lights which are too dark or too bright.

7. Proceed with Ribbons and Garlands

When you have already finished setting the lights, it’s time to add some other decorations to your tree, those which can be perfectly combined with the bulbs. Surely the selection of ornaments depends on your preferences and tastes but you should remember some useful tips:

  1. If popcorn garlands are your favorite, white color will be the best for them. You should prepare popcorn yourself for this decoration, make it white like snow and it will look natural. All the guests who come to your home will be amazed with the fantastic decoration of your tree.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend you to use fluffy tinsel for trimming. It’s out of fashion today. If you want your tree look really stylish, forget about tinsel. In case you admire tinsel and can’t imagine tree decoration without it, you should use some small garlands made of tiny pieces of foil. They look very beautiful shaped like stars or other objects.
  3. Nowadays garlands of metallic beads enjoy great popularity. Make sure to add them to your Christmas tree. No doubt it will be the major wonder of your home. While choosing the color of these garlands don’t forget about the color scheme which prevails in decoration. Tiny beads will suit perfectly to the tree. Space garlands evenly on the tree.
  4. Usually when we prepare our Christmas tree plastic icicles come to our mind. There are different variations of them. But to use them successfully you should be careful. For example strings of small icicles with lights inside them can match perfectly to the whole image of your tree. If you have an experience of using plastic icicles in the past you can take them again without any hesitations. Don’t let them outshine the other decorations on the tree.
  5. Another choice which can appeal to you is wired ribbons. But to choose the ideal one you should be precise about their shape. It must be firm and not flop over. Try to avoid ribbons of huge sizes. Keep to the medium size. It is enough if you can see it well from some distance. Little bows will be a nice addition to your fabulous tree.

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8. Put on a Topper

Certainly you should put the top on your tree before decorating it with bulbs. Maybe for somebody it can sound a bit strange. But believe me it is reasonable. If you decide to put glass bulbs first and other ornaments and after that to add a topper, it can be dangerous. It’s really difficult to choose among an enormous variety of toppers which you can find at stores. First of all, your option will depend on the color and theme of your tree. Still you can rely on some popular: snowflakes, a star, an angel, a lovely bow.

9. Finish with ornaments

Everybody knows that ornaments are very delicate and should be treated with special attention. That’s why it is necessary to set them when all the other decoration is put on the tree. Locate ornaments from top to bottom. Don’t forget about the back of the tree, add some inches there.

If you want to combine bulbs and special ornaments, it is important to use bulbs as the basis and after add ornaments. Consider the place where you put your favorite bulbs and ornaments. Make them both noticeable from distance.

Your Christmas tree will surely look more attractive and dreamlike if you take some natural material or even sweets for its decoration. Your children will be so glad to see and after to eat candies on the tree.

You should be more particular while decorating the bottom of the tree. Don’t put any expensive and valuable trims on this part of the tree. They can be easily reached by your kids or pets. Some more garlands will be a perfect decision.

Decorating Christmas tree is always fun. Read on and find out some of the best tips you may want to use…

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Some of the Most Useful Tips

  1. Put the tree near the window. Let everybody enjoy its incredible look.
  2. Don’t try to put all possible decorations on your tree. It’s not always of advantage.
  3. Try to keep your precious and special ornaments in boxes and safe places.
  4. Buy a tree with intact branches even if its price is a bit higher. It will stay longer in your home and it will not lose its needles very quickly.
  5. Purchase the bulbs after the holiday. You can use them the next year and the price will be lower.
  6. In order to keep your tree fresh and natural for longer time, put it into the bucket with water. To make it look aesthetic, cover the bucket with some bright and colorful cloth.
  7. When the holiday finishes don’t throw your tree away. There are so many services which can remove it and recycle.
  8. If you can’t afford a real tree you can use a few branches of pine or fir tree and decorate them elegantly. Or simply buy a fake tree.


  1. It is a well-known fact that Christmas trees are easily inflammable. That’s why be careful. Avoid using great numbers of lights.
  2. If you have some delicate ornaments keep in mind that they can be easily damaged or broken. Never put them on weak branches, in the bottom of the tree and on the edge.