11 Best Christmas Party Games


This year you should try to make your Christmas celebration a bit different. Some cheerful party games would be a perfect idea!

When your friends or relatives come to you in the evening suggest them a few amazing games. They will be glad so much, especially if you treat them with delicious cocktails. Even you can have this entertainment inside your family and play with your children.

1. Who’s in the hat?

For this game you need to have a few teams, no matter how many people are in them. Every participant should have a sheet of blank paper. After everyone gets paper, they should tear it into small pieces and write the names of famous people on each piece.

These famous people can be singers, actors, politicians, scientists and others. You will have better results of the game if every person writes no less than 20 names.

Take a big hat which is called Santa hat and put all the papers into it. Mix them carefully and let the member of the first team pull one name out of the hat.

The task is to characterize famous people without telling their names. It should be done during two minutes. When the round is finished all the names which were guessed should be counted and after passed to another team.

If there are some names difficult to guess put them back into the hat. At the end of the game the correct guesses of each team are counted and that one which has the most of them gets a special prize.