11 Best Christmas Party Games


This year you should try to make your Christmas celebration a bit different. Some cheerful party games would be a perfect idea!

When your friends or relatives come to you in the evening suggest them a few amazing games. They will be glad so much, especially if you treat them with delicious cocktails. Even you can have this entertainment inside your family and play with your children.

1. Who’s in the hat?

For this game you need to have a few teams, no matter how many people are in them. Every participant should have a sheet of blank paper. After everyone gets paper, they should tear it into small pieces and write the names of famous people on each piece.

These famous people can be singers, actors, politicians, scientists and others. You will have better results of the game if every person writes no less than 20 names.

Take a big hat which is called Santa hat and put all the papers into it. Mix them carefully and let the member of the first team pull one name out of the hat.

The task is to characterize famous people without telling their names. It should be done during two minutes. When the round is finished all the names which were guessed should be counted and after passed to another team.

If there are some names difficult to guess put them back into the hat. At the end of the game the correct guesses of each team are counted and that one which has the most of them gets a special prize.

2. Alphabet talk

To play this game your guests need to be divided into 2 teams. The representative of each team writes the topic for discussion and put it into a hat.

You can choose any topic you like. When the game starts one team takes the topic from the hat while another team tells them any letter from the alphabet.

The main point of this game is to start discussion of the topic with a sentence which begins with the letter mentioned. The player who continues conversation should start the sentence with next letter of the alphabet. It will last till you come back to the letter from which everything began.

For instance, if the topic of your discussion is shopping and the letter to start with is “D” you can begin with the following sentence” Do you mind go shopping today?” and continue “Enormous smart dress would be a great choice for me.”

You should keep on discussing until you come to the letter “D” again. That team which manages to complete the alphabet talk in a short time will be the winner.

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3. Who said it?

The minimum number of participants which is necessary for this game must be at least 4 people. Before starting the game provide all the people with sheets of paper and a pen.

They should sit in a circle. After two players are to be chosen and appointed as the Question Master and the Guesser. When the game starts the Question Master will ask the others some questions.

The participants put down their answers on the sheets of paper they have. The only person who doesn’t write the answer is the Guesser. Then the Question Master takes all answers and mixes them together.

The next step of the game is to pick up any answer and read it out. That is also done by the Question Master.

The task of the Guesser is to guess who is the author of each answer. One correct guess is awarded with one point.

When it comes to the next round the Question Master should be changed and become the Guesser. Each player should be the Guesser during the game. That participant who has the most correct guesses is the winner.

Examples of the questions:

  1. Which things would you like to take to a desert island?
  2. What famous person would you invite to go on a date?
  3. Which food would you choose to eat till the rest of your life?

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4. Hidden meanings

When you begin this game make sure that each of your guests has a pen and a piece of paper. Give them a dictionary and ask to find some uncommon words which have unclear definitions.

They write down the right definitions and make up some others. After all the players read out their words and definitions one by one.

Other people should guess which of the definitions is the correct. It would be a nice idea to award the winner of the game with some prize.

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5. Black magic

If you don’t know how to entertain your guests during the festive evening I suggest you to play a Black magic game. It should be conducted by no more than two people. Let them perform some tricks.

For example, enable them to read the thoughts of other guests. One of the partners leaves the room while the other asks the guests to point out anything in the room.

When the partner comes back he must name the object which was chosen by the guest. In such way the player shows his ability to read people’s minds.

The player points to different things in the room and his partner should tell if they were chosen by the guests. It lasts until a black object is pointed to.

The object which is near the black one will be the correct choice. The main rule of the game which must be remembered is that the chosen object should always follow something black.

You will see that your guests can be greatly fascinated with such game. I’m convinced that nobody can find out your secret.

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6. Who am I?

Take small pieces of paper, put down the names of the celebrities on them and stick to your guests’ foreheads. The main idea of this game is that they should guess what famous person they are.

Certainly the players are not allowed to look into the mirror or peep into their notes. The only way to guess the person is the conversation between participants.

In the process of discussion they should give each other some clues, some important information about those celebrities. At the end of the game there should be one person with a paper on the forehead. That person will be a looser, who must fulfill some funny wishes of the others.

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7. Quick on the draw

The best way to play this game is to get into a few teams. Every member of the team should wish the object which must be drawn by the opponents.

Keep in mind that those objects shouldn’t be difficult to draw but at the same time not too easy. It can be wonderful if you have a big board on which you can stick papers so that all guests can see them quickly.

The players from each team have to draw the objects written on papers within the limited time. The other people from the team guess the idea. If the team has the most right guesses it will be a winner.

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8. Liar, liar

All the guests are suggested to put down three interesting and funny situations from their life. One of them should be wrong and the others true. When all people are sitting together they read aloud those stories.

The task of other participants is to find out which situation is false. In order to make that guessing process easier they ask the person certain questions.

Your guests will be pleased to get a prize. You can award the best guesser and the best liar.

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9. Easy as 1-2-3

Make sure that all your guests have a pen and a sheet of paper. You tell them to compose a story. But what is the most interesting about it is that they should include only the words which have no more than 3 letters.

I must say it’s not an easy task as you can think at first. When people read out their stories it will be really funny.

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10. Unscramble

Bring a tray to your friends and put different objects on it. The names of those objects must be written on pieces of paper. But it will be complicated as the letters are not in the correct order.

Place those notes into a big hat and ask each guest to get one. Wait until everybody is ready, after give a special signal that means the start of the game. The players should unscramble the words and search for the object on the tray.

The first participant who manages to do that will be the winner. In order to please and satisfy every guest you can repeat the game again with the remaining people. In such case everybody will have an opportunity to win.

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11. Guess the object

If you want to organize this game in a proper way you should certainly spend some more time for preparation. Think over the details beforehand.

Look through different newspapers and magazines and find the pictures of some household objects and color them in black. After cut them out and glue to pieces of white paper. People who take part in this game must guess what those objects are.

Believe me it’s not so easy as can seem. If you also involve your children in the game try to choose the objects which are not complicated.

There are plenty of fun and simply amazing Christmas party games. What are your favorite games? Feel free to share with us your ideas!