7 Festive Christmas Crafts for Your Children to Try


It’s a splendid idea to entertain your children with creating lovely crafts for Christmas. You should think about that in advance.

Christmas is the most fantastic and charming period of the year. Popular things which you can create with your kids are an owl and a fox.

You can also consider the following list of crafts and choose the one that suits you best. Get ready to make it with your kid. A merry Christmas tune will be a nice background to your work.

1. Festive Fox Ornament

Photo: nyuhuhuu

If you decide to make something special for this Christmas together with your child, a fox ornament will be the right choice. While working at this craft you can listen to such song “What does the fox say?” It will be really funny and cheerful.

Certainly you should help your children to create this Christmas craft. Still they will see their great contribution into the preparation for the holiday. And the feeling of happiness will not leave them for a long time.

2. A Snowman from recycled plastic

I think you even couldn’t imagine that it is possible to make a snowman using some recycled material like plastic bottles or other containers. But it is possible and if you try this idea you will appeal greatly to your children. You can make this craft with your kid and enjoy it at home.

In case your kids want to greet their teachers on this holiday, a recycled snowman can be a good option. Moreover, you can use sweets to decorate this craft. It will not be just a beautiful creation, it’ll be very tasty as well.

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3. Snow globes

One more Christmas craft which you should definitely try with your children are snow globes. Lots of people make these gorgeous things with kids. Their smart and stylish look will rise up your children’s spirits during the holiday.

To create this fantastic craft you need a jar, little Christmas trees, animals and tiny snowflakes, which you are supposed to put inside the jar. Your great love and cooperation with a child are so necessary!

It will be a nice decoration of a room at Christmas. But the most important is the admiration of your kids.

4. Gloves with decoration

If it happened that your children have a pair of old gloves or gloves which they don’t like any more, you can use them in advantage for making a marvelous Christmas craft. Adding some decorative elements to the gloves you will make them look amazing.

It’s better to use glue when you stick some small parts to the gloves. You can invent yourself so many things which will put on festive gloves.

5. Gingerbread-man wreath

Usually, when Christmas time comes near you bake so many various biscuits that your children even can’t eat any more. So it’s a perfect idea to take some of them for creating a Christmas craft.

For example, a holiday wreath made of gingerbread man cookies has all the chances to become the best craft of this year. The main point of this creation is to bake gingerbread men in a nice form and connect them correctly.

6. A Christmas tree made of coffee filter

Nowadays you can find various ideas about creating a tiny Christmas tree. You can use different objects and material for that.

For example, I was fascinated with the tree which was made of foam cones. Personally I prefer using the coffee filter for that idea. You will not have to spend hours searching something special for your small Christmas tree.

It can be easily found in every home. And your children will be admired so much.

7. Smart gift wrapping

It can be a cheerful amusement for your kids if you try to involve them in making the gift wrapping. You can suggest them to use old newspapers, maps, even old clothes can be appropriate.

Let your child draw some bright and colorful pictures on them. In such way your kids will be able to prepare something special for every family member. As a result you will enjoy the process of wrapping your gifts.

Have you already decided which of Christmas crafts you will create together with your children this year? Do you have any incredible ideas about that? Feel free to share your brilliant ideas in the comments section!