8 Misconceptions about Only Children


Being an only kid in a family is not always as difficult or as easy as we think. The thing is that the childhood of only children is very similar to that of children who have brothers or sisters. Check out a few popular misconceptions about only children.

1. Only children are spoiled

Many people think that all only children are spoiled since they’re pampered by their parents and grandparents. But this is actually a myth!

Parenting plays an important role in whether an only child will be spoiled or not. Being only children have got nothing to do with it. I know a lot of families where two siblings are really spoiled.

2. They are selfish

Many people also believe that only children are very possessive about the attention of their parents, their things, and their time. But this generalization is wrong and only children are not more selfish than other people. Whether an only kid grows up to be selfish or not depends more on the values that she/he was brought upon.

3. They get a lot of attention

Although only children should get the undivided attention of their parents, it’s not always the case. There are only children who fail to get attention from their parents and grandparents who have busy schedules. Thus, only children might also suffer from a lack of attention because they don’t even have siblings to give them company.

4. They are very lonely

Another popular misconception is that only children always feel lonely. While it may seem true, it’s completely wrong! In most cases, an only child can keep herself/himself busy. Only children are masters at self-entertainment and they can enjoy their own company.

5. They are self-reliant

Most people think that only children are independent and often turn out to be alpha females and males. But this is not really true in all cases. In fact, there are a lot of only children who are absolutely dependent on their parents or grandparents.

6. They feel socially awkward

Another misconception people have about only children is that only children feel socially awkward. Sure, only children may be a little choosy about whom they spend time with, and they may feel socially awkward, but they really enjoy having close friends and enjoy the idea of a “family”.

7. They are materialistic

Just because only children have the luxury of having all their demands met doesn’t mean they are materialistic. Not all only kids have rich parents who can spoil them and not all rich parents spoil their only children by buying them whatever they ask for.

8. They crave attention

Almost every child craves attention, right? If a kid craves attention, it’s more of personality traits than anything else. In fact, there are a lot of cases where the firstborns crave attention after a second child is born.

Do you know any other misconceptions about only children? Share your thoughts, please!