Top 7 Awesome Bucket List Ideas for 2014


Did you think about your plans for 2014? The New Year is approaching so quickly. As for me, I’ve already started to think thoroughly about things which I want to do during the next year. Surely, I will also make a list of things and desires for Christmas but a bucket list for 2014 is more difficult. I think it’s important that every woman should have such list. What is it exactly? Things, activities and events that are of great significance for you and which you haven’t tried before must be included into this special list.

I have already decided which new and unusual things I will do in 2014. Perhaps I’m too optimistic about that but I will do everything possible to fulfill my plans. So here is the list of my essential ideas: to go to New York in autumn, to acquire a yoga certification, to have a 9-hours sleep during the night, to get involved into the charity promoting eating disorder awareness, to communicate with the reader of my blog and find a professional designer for my blog. You can see there is a great choice of things which can be put on your bucket list. The main point is that everything depends on a person. For example you can add to this list your cherished dreams such as to visit an exotic country, to purchase a house or new car, to try some extreme kind of sports. You can make come true any of your great desires. When speaking about a bucket list you should keep in mind that it is not the list of things you must obviously do, your dreams and wishes should be mentioned there. Here you can read about some special things which may appeal to different women.

1. Try Some Pleasant and Relaxing Activities

Don’t exhaust and torture yourself with a hard work. The New Year is a nice opportunity to change something in your life, to try something different. For example, you can consider the activity which can help you to relax, renew your abilities and nourish your brain and soul. I can suggest you such ideas as practicing yoga, going on an incredible trip, trying some new hobby. Do anything that can enrich your inner world and inspire your best feelings.