7 Best Home and Garden Christmas Decorating Ideas


As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s a high time to start decorating your house as well as garden for Christmas. It can be hard to decorate your home, especially if you don’t have money, or have it, but only for food.

I’ve got a list of some bright home and garden Christmas decorating ideas that won’t break the bank. Just read on and start decorating right now!

1. Get ready for Christmas

Get all of your stuff together in advance so you can see what you already have and what you should get. Usually, last minute decoration shopping is rather pricey and you run the risk of buying the unwanted decorations that nobody wants to purchase. Also, make sure you keep all of your decorations in order so you won’t be spending a few hours trying to untangle fairy lights.

2. Use your food as Christmas decorations

There is no need to rush out and purchase the same, generic ornaments and ribbons each year. You can use seasonal foods like nuts, candy and clementines to make center pieces for the tables or use them as decorations for the window sills.

You can even place them in fancy cocktails glasses or clear glass jars for a simple, modern look. I also like using amazingly beautiful wicker baskets with holly as Christmas decorations.

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3. DIY

This Christmas save your money for the gifts and make your own holiday decorations. Making decorations is an easy and fun way to do something creative with people you love, so get everybody together and be sure to make a day of it.

Use some white card and paper cups to make paper angels. Try making festive picture frames using wrapping paper. Making Christmas cards is also a simple way to have fun and save some cash as well.

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4. Display your cards around your house

Displaying your Christmas cards around your house is one of the best ways to decorate your home for Christmas. Place your cards on side tables, on the mantle and hang on the walls.

It will create a quick Christmas vibe with very little effort. When the holiday season is over, save your Christmas cards and use them next Christmas as gift tags.

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5. Decorate with plants

Filling vases with red berries and branches or making wreaths for your front door are among the best home Christmas decoration ideas. Place holly and mistletoe around your house to add a touch of tradition to your decor.

Decorate your garden by filling some plant pots with holly and ivy bushes and adding some tinsel or some Christmas tree decorations for a more festive feel. When you decorate your garden and house it’s great to be creative and put a modern twist on some traditional features.

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6. Spray it

Purchase a can of white, gold or silver spray paint and turn objects such as Christmas trees, branches and pine cones into charming winter wonderland features. This is also one of the fastest ways to make your garden look incredibly snowy.

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7. Keep it simple

Remember not all home and garden Christmas decorations should be flashing and covered in glitter. Keep it simple. Stick a few candles in empty wine bottles to create a warm, festive atmosphere, or fill some clear vases with water and add food coloring and some floating candles for an awesome water feature. You can also tie colored ribbons around the candy canes and hang on your Christmas tree.

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It’s always a great idea to decorate your house and yard for Christmas. How do you decorate your home? Do you know any easy and quick ways to get your house and garden looking festive? Please share your ideas with us.