11 Must-Have Items for Your Holiday Wish List


It can seem a bit strange but I have already started to think about my wishes for the holidays. Certainly, we have some time for preparation but everything should be planned beforehand even our presents. There is a great variety of goods at stores. All those things can please everyone’s wishes for the holiday.

You can choose among stylish clothes, footwear, perfumes, kitchen appliances, and many other interesting things. I have several special preferences for this holiday. Maybe you didn’t realize it before but it’s really amazing and a great pleasure to choose and give presents to those whom you love. But still, we always look forward to receiving incredible presents on these special days.

I have already made my wish list for this year. It contains things which are really important and necessary for me, but some of them I can’t buy myself due to their high price. So here you can read some of my wishes and share your ideas about presents for this holiday.

1. A new blender

To my mind, the most splendid idea for a holiday wish is a new blender. Especially it can be the choice of those who prefer healthy and fresh drinks such as smoothies. If you receive this present you will be able to care about your health during the year. The perfect blender can provide you with a healthy and tasty smoothie.

2. A new scarf

One more thing which I wouldn’t mind getting on holiday is a scarf. I’m crazy about scarves, almost addicted to them. I have plenty of them in my wardrobe.

The scarves are not so expensive and I can easily afford to buy a new one for my collection. Still, it would be a great pleasure to receive such a gift for the holiday.

3. A pair of sneakers

Every year I wish for a pair of new sneakers for the holiday. Everybody knows that the price of this footwear is not low. I really need this present as I use my sneakers almost every day.

And when a new holiday comes my old ones are already worn-out. So a pair of sneakers is always desirable for me even though I’m particular about choosing a good brand of sneakers.

4. Extremely luxurious perfume

I’m sure that perfume is the present which should be put on the holiday wish list of every woman. It’s difficult to imagine a woman who wouldn’t be glad to get perfume for the holiday. Certainly, it should be the most exquisite and fabulous perfume. Let your boyfriend spend enough money on the present.

My great desire for this year is the perfume by Anima Dulcis by Arquiste. Its fragrance is a perfect combination of cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa. Unfortunately due to the price of the perfume, I can’t afford it myself. So when you speak about your holiday wish with your boyfriend, make sure it will be the most exquisite perfume.

5. Gorgeous underwear

I can definitely say that wonderful underwear is a wish of every girl. Keep in mind that cheap undies are not preferable. Quality is the most important. There is a big abundance of underwear.

I choose the most suitable for me and then ask my granny or mother for a gift. They always tend to buy something practical for me. That’s why I will ask for the item this year.

6. An amazing journal

If you are fond of journals, and the new one can be the best present for you. The best journal for me is a journal of glamour and style. An amazing journal can meet the needs of all women with different tastes and preferences.

7. A great watch

Watches are the most popular accessories which can match any clothes you wear. Watch is my accessory number one. So it can be also included in my holiday wish list this year.

You should be very careful while choosing a watch. If you want to be satisfied with your present make sure it is a well-known watch brand and of course mind the trends.

8. A glitzy tank

The other thing which you can wish for for the holiday is a tank. In case you want to make your look brighter, glitzy tanks will certainly help you. Your outfit will be fantastic!

In spring and summer, you can combine them with pants or skinny jeans, extremely high heels, or flat footwear. Both variants will be nice. You can choose blazers, cardigans, button-ups. They all are very cute.

9. A beautiful clutch

One more accessory which is really essential for women’s outfits is the clutch. Today you can find different kinds of them, smart, stylish and glamorous. Although I’m not a big fan of clutches, I think a beautiful clutch must be on your holiday wish list.

10. A juicer

A juicer will be the best present for you if a healthy lifestyle is your preference. It can provide you with fresh fruit or vegetable juice any moment you want. I’d like to have a good juicer this year. Especially I want to recommend a juicer to those people who didn’t have a juicer before.

You can be really surprised at how cheap, fresh, and tasty juice you can get in a short time. That’s why ask it for the holidays this year. As a result, you will be much healthier and save your money.

11. Sequin flats

Speaking about footwear I should say that I like flats very much. Besides recently they have become very fashionable. More and more women prefer flats to heels. If you are going out and a perfect look is desirable for you sequin flats are the best choice.

Moreover, you will feel convenient without tiring your feet. Flats can be combined with jeans and provide you with a casual look. Also, wear them in a stylish dress.

In this list, I mentioned the most important and desirable things for the holiday. I also want to know your wish list for this year. So feel free to share it with us!