7 Amazing Ideas for Valentine’s Day Party


Are you planning to arrange a Valentine’s Day party? Do you have any ideas? If you need some ideas on planning an awesome Valentine’s Day party, check out the list of 7 amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day party.

1. Fairy tale party

Ask your guests to dress up as characters from a fairy tale and have them walk the red carpet. For the decorations you can use white and red balloons. Get some silver and gold glitter and glue it to card stock in fancy hearts or other designs, and hang them on walls.

2. Hearts party

Have hearts of all sizes, shapes, variations and materials. They can be made from thermocol, foam or paper. You can also use white and red heart shaped balloons. Cover the floor and entrance area with rose petals. You can also add to the decor heart shaped dollies.

3. Truth or Dare party

Do you remember the game “Truth or Dare” that you used to play as teens? Why not have the same version of the game at your home and let all the couples watch their partners do something shocking or even reveal some secrets?

4. Kisses and hugs party

This is another amazing idea for awesome Valentine’s Day party. You can decorate your home with kisses and hugs shapes. To make this party more fun, tell your guests they should hug or kiss the first person they meet by chance.

5. Matchmaker party

If you are single, then this party idea is exactly for you! Besides, who said that singles can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day? Arrange a party, invite all your single friends over and ask them to get along a single friend of theirs. Who knows, maybe they meet their potential Valentine here!

6. The Red party

The Red party is also a great idea for awesome Valentine’s Day party! Have red balloons, red confetti, red glitter and red wall hangings. Ask all the guests to come in red. The men can come in black.

7. Ice Cream Souffle party

This Valentine’s Day why not give your friends a tantalizing and mouthwatering experience by throwing an Ice Cream Souffle party at your home? Have wall hangings in the form of ice cream cones and ice creams, and have a great variety of ice cream at your home for the guests.

Have you ever thrown a Valentine’s Day party? Do you know some other amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day party? Share your thoughts, please!