7 Hot Fashionable Colors for 2013


With each new season, there is absolutely new palette in the fashion world, and I’m really excited about new trendy colors for 2013! I feel like my wardrobe could do with some refreshing, from dresses to handbags, and if you are ready for a color change check out the hot trendy colors for 2013, some brand new, and some carryovers from last year!

1. Coral

Coral has been a trendy color for 2 years now, and it is not going to lose its popularity. If you haven’t added coral to your sartorial repertory yet, it’s time to do it! Wear coral-hued dress or carry a bright coral clutch. If you really like this color wear a coral statement necklace.

2. Cotton candy pink

Soft, cotton candy pink is probably the most feminine color out there! Wear this hot trendy color if you want to add some femininity to menswear-inspired clothing. Or, go full on princess and wear a little pink dress instead of your little black dress. If you’re feeling bold, layer cotton candy pink with a darker pink.

3. Mint green

I agree, not every woman can wear mint green, but this hue is one of the hot trendy colors for 2013! Opt for this color this year! If you have an olive complexion, rock the minty trend with some beautiful accessories.

4. Vibrant blue

Blue, especially bright vibrant blue, is my favorite color! This hue makes my green eyes stand out! Wear vibrant blue as a blazer, or carry bright vibrant clutch. You can even wear it as heels with your favorite little black dress! You are sure to draw attention.

5. Neutral beige

Neutral beige is another hot trendy color of the season. This trendy color looks smashing with coral, bright blue, or any of the other hues. You can wear almost anything with it!

6. White

White color is not only beautiful, but it is also a hot trendy color for 2013. While most women have been wearing it in the form of a crisp white shirt, there are many other ways to wear this white trend. You can wear the crisp white shirt matched with white shoes, or set off with a coral belt.

7. Sunshine yellow

Finally, sunshine yellow is the last hot trendy color for 2013. Not all of us are dressy. Most of us are prefer casual clothes, and that’s not bad. You might want to add some seasonal color trends. You can wear the lemon yellow trend with ease!

I like these colors, and what about you? I’m so bored with greys and blacks and I love to wear a bright coral and soft pink! Which of these trendy colors is your favorite? How do you wear it? Share your thoughts, please!