7 Best Mood-Boosting Colors for Your Home


Did you know that certain colors in your home can improve your mood and your overall emotional health? While these mood-boosting colors aren’t a fast fix, they can actually make a little difference in your everyday life.

It’s rather difficult to have a good mood when you live in a drab home. Even if you are not a decorating professional, paint and a few little things are everything you need to bring the following mood boosting colors into every room in your house. Keep reading…

1. Yellow

The color of sunshine, yellow is one of the best mood-boosting colors you can add to your house. Canary yellow, mustard yellow and pale shades of yellow will help boost the brightness and cheerfulness in your home. Add one shade of yellow to one room and you will see a big difference.

2. Green

Another great mood-boosting color is green. Green is the color of fresh food and money, and people usually relate it to the meaning of life and wealth. Bring the feeling of abundance and life into your house by adding green to at least one of the rooms.

Whether a bright or soft shade of green, it’s up to you, but I suggest making it blend with the rest of your house through natural shades. If you don’t want to paint your walls, why not buy a green sofa?

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3. Purple

My favorite color, purple can add a prominent feel to any house. Since it’s the color of royalty, purple sends a sense of wealth and luxury, which is actually a good thing. For most of us, purple is also a strong feminine color, especially if you don’t love the shades of pink.

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4. Blue

Blue sends a sense of relief, calm, and comfort, and it’s certainly a wonderful color to add to your home. Blue can improve your mood and increase your energy levels.

Perhaps you know that blue is the color of sky and water, therefore it symbolizes harmony, peace and serenity. If you live a life full of stress or you’re trying to cope with anxiety, consider adding the shades of blue to your home decor.

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5. Teal

Although many people don’t even think about this color when they try to add mood-boosting colors to their home, teal has excellent mood boosting properties. It sends a sense of life, vitality, creativity, and calmness and it’s a great multi-purpose shade that you can use in your kitchen with vases, dishes, chairs or paint for your walls. You can also use it in your bedroom and bathroom to add some freshness to the room.

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6. Pink

Pink adds softness to a house, boosts creativity, and induces feelings of excitement and life. If you decide to use the shades of pink in your home, opt for more subtle shades, otherwise you can overdo with it.

Pink is often related to mothers, babies and youth, this is why it’s considered to induce feelings of innocence, love and warmth. If you work from home, add pink to your work area to boost your creativity.

7. Red

Not everyone can add red to their home, but this is actually a wonderful mood-boosting color that is associated with fire, power, and strength. Maybe a red bedroom will be too bright for you, but you can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, or as a great decorative color of blankets and pillows.

If you feel it’s time to make some changes in your home, consider adding some of these mood-boosting colors to your house and make your life a bit brighter. What are your favorite mood-boosting colors? How did you use these colors in your home?