9 Romantic Things to Add to Your Bath


There’s just something about bathing… Aren’t the best scenes in the old movies always the ones where the heroine finally lets her hair down and slips into a claw-foot bathtub overflowing with luscious bubbles? Baths are the perfect blend of romanticism and personal sensuality, and with these nine great additions to your bath, you can turn a leisurely soak into a sensory delight.

1. Scented candles

If you’re trying to create a romantic evening for your partner but all you’ve got is a dollar, truck on down to the dollar store and get a scented candle. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. If all goes well, no one’s going to be looking at the candles anyway.

2. Loofah mitt

Ok, they’re useful for exfoliating dead skin, but that’s not the most romantic way to think about it. Think about it as a stimulating sensual massage that’ll leave skin tingling and sensitive to the lightest, most delicate touch. Now that’s romantic.

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3. Bath bubbles

It’s not a great idea to use these on a regular basis because they can dry out your skin and irritate sensitive parts. For a romantic bath, however, nothing beats a heap of luxurious lathery icing on a… well, you can choose whatever body part you’d like to be the cake.

4. Bath pillow

A small, inflatable, velour-covered pillow will protect the tender bones at the nape of your neck from banging on modern square bathtub edges, and it’ll put a warm layer between you and the cold porcelain as well.

5. Bath salts

Now these are good for you, and if you use them with the bubbles, not only will they protect your skin, but they’ll add an amazing fragrance that floats on the steam. For the ideal combination, get highly-moisturizing bath salts and a complementary low-fragrance bubble bath.

6. Floating candles

Not real ones! There are some fantastic new lighting products on the market these days, including battery-operated floating candles that you turn on and off by tilting them. They’re beautiful in pools and centerpieces, but they’re the best in the bath.

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7. Eye mask

Pop one in the freezer for a few minutes to stimulate tired eyes and reduce puffiness, or heat it up in a warm water soak to encourage all those little muscles around your eyes to relax. It’s an instant face lift and headache relief all in one.

8. A good book

You know, a really good book. Cheap paperbacks are the best – they’re easy to read, they get right to the point, and if you happen to drop it in the bath, no great loss.

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9. Pilates bands

Weird, right? Well, your body stretches best when your muscles are warm, so after a few minutes of soaking, you’ll really be able to loosen up and relax. Flex and point your toes, stretch your arms up and out, and round your back as far as you can. Then sink back into the tub. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

With a little planning, it’s easy turn an ordinary activity into an extraordinary romantic ritual. Whether you’re alone or with company, a romantic bath will do wonders to stimulate your skin, ease your mind, and release your spirit to soar.