7 Popular Colors and Styles of Jeans to Wear this Fall


Different colors and styles of jeans are amazing to have in your wardrobe for several reasons. For beginners, depending on what shoe you’re going to wear and depending on your mood, you may need a different width or length and want to switch up the color to enhance your outfit. Check out a few popular colors and styles of jeans to wear this fall.

1. Grey jeans

Grey jeans are one of the most popular colors and styles of jeans you should definitely own this fall. They are showing up in different tones from sliver to slate and charcoal grey.

Grey jeans are perfect with black and white, and they also look amazing with typical fall colors including mustard yellow and orange! Many women think that grey is a boring color, but often even the simplest thing can be stylish!

2. Red jeans

This fall make sure you have red jeans in your closet. The color reminds me of the fall season and I also love how it pairs great with black or brown, depending on my mood. You can wear your red jeans with a hot little blazer, cute denim jacket, a plain white tee and some boots or leopard print accessories.

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3. Olive green jeans

Another popular color this fall in the jean department is olive green. Olive green is an amazing fall color and olive green jeans are incredibly beautiful! Olive green jeans look perfect with beige, brown, or black, and my favorite way to wear them is with a big beige sweater and some high knee boots!

4. Boyfriend jeans

While most women avoid boyfriend jeans, they have been trendy for a few years now, and they are very popular with celebs and people all over the country. Although I don’t own a pair, I have to admit that boyfriend jeans look beautiful and cozy! Pair them with a button-up cotton shirt, a casual long-sleeved tee, or plaid prints.

5. Trouser jeans

Known as bootleg jeans, trouser jeans have been a staple for many years and they are not going anywhere soon. Bootleg or trouser jeans are a classic style to keep in your wardrobe whether you are wearing sneakers, heels, boots or flats. They are also great for enhancing your curves!

6. Peach jeans

Yes, you read it right, ladies! Peach is another popular color being worn this fall season. I love peach color because it’s so feminine and it enhances almost any skin tone.

Moreover, it looks excellent with basic colors like brown, white and tan. Give your closet a lovely rosy glow and choose a pair to wear this fall!

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7. Skinny jeans

I personally love skinny jeans and hate them at the same time. Why? Because they look so amazing, but they are not comfortable!

Skinny jeans are very popular this fall, so make sure you keep a pair in your closet in case you find yourself in the mood to wear these incredibly stylish jeans. These jeans go with any top and sweater.

In fall, jeans are absolutely essential so make sure you have some of these jeans in your closet!

Do you have any of these jeans right now? Please comment below.