Happy and Healthy Living: How I Eat Healthier This Fall Season


There are lots of different things that people appreciate in their life. Love, success and wealth are among those values that we always strive for. But in the turmoil of everyday life we often forget about things that really matter to us. For me, health is the greatest treasure and my key to success. If you have health problems and feel bad, you won’t be able to work productively and enjoy all the blessings of your life. That’s why I do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle since it helps me to develop as a personality and achieve my goals. Healthy eating is an indispensable part of my physical and mental well-being. Moreover, it helps me to keep fit and avoid overweight.

Despite the fact that autumn is a gloomy season, when we feel depressed and run down, it can be a nice chance for most of us to change our eating habits and add various wholesome foods to our diets. Autumn foods are healthy and hearty so that they can help the body to remain active for a long time.

Every autumn I try to incorporate numerous fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts into my eating plan because they provide my body with the missing nutrients and vitamins, which increase my immunity. Here are a few ways I eat healthier this fall season.

1. I balance my diet

Taking into consideration the fact that my body needs a big amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in order to function well, I try to include balanced meals to my menu. This way I have enough energy and health to fulfill all my daily tasks. I exercise in the gym 3 times a week after my office work and I also do jogging on Saturday mornings. Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to cope with these activities without proper nutrition. This fall I’ve chosen a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables that are an enormous source of health-protective nutrients. However, I will not forget to load my plate with lean meat, seafood, beans, eggs, nuts, whole grains and dairy products that will boost my overall health.

2. I focus on fruits and vegetables

Undoubtedly, fruits and vegetables are the basic ingredients we should incorporate into our eating plan in autumn. First of all, these foods are bright and colorful and when you see a mixture of vivid colors on your plate, it will certainly fill you with positive emotions, leaving no place for seasonal depression. Another reason why I give preference to veggies and fruits during the fall is the fact that they are rich in fiber and low in calories. Due to this they are perfect for weight control. Plus, these natural foods enrich my body with essential minerals and vitamins.

I made it a rule to serve 2 different vegetables at lunch time to ensure I get enough nutrients. Fruit salad is a delicious and healthy option for dinner after my workout at the gym. Pumpkin, cabbage, apples and pears are all my favorite foods in autumn. Pumpkin is a popular fall food and there is a wide range of dishes we can make out of it. For example, I usually roast it or make a pumpkin puree. Pumpkin pie is a yummy dessert that I cook for my little daughter.

Cabbage combined with other veggies helps me to suppress appetite and get the necessary portion of fiber and vitamins. By consuming apples and pears you’ll manage to control your blood-pressure level and regulate your digestive system. Apples roasted with cottage cheese and raisins are the best dessert for me in autumn.

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3. I try to control my salt intake

When it comes to our health, salt intake really matters. As a rule, most of us almost pay no attention to the amount of salt we consume daily and its impact on our body. The less salt you eat, the healthier you are. This is the main rule you should keep in mind. Personally I like salty foods, though they are not good for me. This fall I’ve made up my mind to refuse from salt since it keeps water in the body, which can lead to edema. I’ve switched on various kinds of herbs, seasonings and spices that are very useful. It has been scientifically proven that they help our body to produce gastric juice and bile, making the process of digestion faster.

4. I opt for whole grains

Health benefits of whole grains are immense. If you don’t eat them regularly, this autumn is a great opportunity for you to add whole grain foods to your diet. Being packed with fiber, magnesium, selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 and phytochemicals, whole grains are necessary for our body to lower risk for heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, such meals as whole grain pasta, bread, brown rice and cereals are on the list of foods I eat daily. In addition, I’ve found out that whole grains are very tasty.

5. I give preference to lean protein

Surely, fruits and vegetables play a significant role in a healthy diet, but our body needs other foods in order to stay active and healthy. Proteins that are mostly found in all kinds of meat help supply our body with plenty of important minerals and vitamins. It is a well-known fact that people who exercise regularly have to consume a lot of protein to build their muscles and get energy. So, I try to cook foods that are high in proteins. Bear in mind that lean proteins are more beneficial for you than saturated fats, which can increase your cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Accordingly, I choose lean beef, chicken, turkey and fish to make my diet versatile and healthy. There are also a few plant protein sources that I include into my menu. Nuts, avocados and beans are my favorite protein options.

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6. I choose dairy products instead of high-fat foods

Once you’ve decided to start eating healthy, you must forget about foods that are high in fats and swap them for fat-free dairy products. I can’t live a day without cheese that I consume for breakfast and yogurt that is my traditional food for dinner. These delicious products are a perfect source of Vitamin D and calcium for my body. With dairy foods in my fridge I can give rein to my imagination and cook so many yummy desserts like fruit salad with vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese with sour cream and strawberries.

No matter how busy my schedule is, I always care about my health and my diet in particular. Fall is the season of changes and cold weather. At this time we can be subjected to numerous diseases and even to depression. Hence, we should be especially careful with our body and its nutrition. Make sure you eat foods that build your immunity this autumn. Healthy eating is the first priority to me as it helps me to stay positive, active and happy. Do you stick to a healthy diet? What are the basic foods you eat daily?