7 Ways to Keep Your Lips Totally Kissable This Fall


With the dropping temps and dry air, the fall and winter seasons can be very harsh on our lips. No worries, girls, it’s still possible to have incredibly soft and kissable lips the whole year round when you follow some of these tips for beautiful lips. I personally follow all of these tips and I always have gorgeous lips. If you have dry, chapped lips, here are seven easy yet effective ways to keep your lips totally kissable this fall season.

1. Keep your lips hydrated

It’s extremely important to keep your lips hydrated during the fall months. Each part of your body needs water, and your lips are no exception. When your lips are dry, they’ll be more likely to crack, chip, and bleed.

Plus, they’ll look much smaller. Drinking enough water every day will help your lips look healthy and much plumper. So be sure to sip your way to softer and more kissable lips.

2. Exfoliate them every day

One of the best ways to keep your lips looking soft and kissable is to exfoliate them every day. You can do this in a few ways. The easiest and fastest way to exfoliate your lips daily is to use a wet toothbrush and gently rub it back and forth across your lips.

This will remove the dead skin cells and leave your lips looking healthier and fuller. You can also buy lip exfoliators in the health and beauty section, but don’t use them daily – exfoliate your lips twice a week.

3. Keep them moisturized

If you keep your lips moisturized on a regular basis, they will look much prettier. Use a lip balm at bedtime. I usually keep my lip balm on my nightstand because it helps me remember to apply it before going to sleep. If you are trying to cope with very dry or severely chapped lips this fall, use your lip balm during the day.

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4. Apply an anti-aging cream around your lips

Unfortunately, as we age, our lips and the skin around them begin to age as well. This can make them look unhealthy and unattractive and can cause your lips to bleed. To prevent this, apply an anti-aging cream around your lips every day. You don’t have to buy a separate anti-aging product, just use a touch of your eye cream around your lips at bedtime.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking is terrible for your overall health. It’s also bad for your lips since it causes plenty of wrinkles around your lips. Smoking is a hard habit to break, but you are stronger than this.

There are some medications that your doctor can prescribe to help you quit smoking. Remember smoking and drinking cause early wrinkles, and accelerate the overall aging of your skin.

6. Swap out lip colors

We all swap out our summer clothes for fall clothes, right? So why not swap out our summer lip colors for fall lip colors? It’s actually one of the most wonderful parts of fall for me. I

t’s so fun to shop for new lip colors and wear something different! This fall you can opt for muddy pinks or lip colors with a hint of plum.

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7. Stop licking your lips

This is an ordinary habit that I’ve caught myself doing now and again. Licking your lips makes them dry out faster, crack and bleed. One of the best ways to break this habit is to adopt a new one.

Every time you catch yourself licking your lips, stop and apply some lip balm. Your new habit will eventually take the place of the old one and your lips will always look soft and kissable.

The fall season is the best time to start preparing your lips for winter. You have enough time to experiment with different lip scrubs and balms to find the best ones. Ditch your bad habits, eat healthily, and drink enough water to enhance your overall beauty.

How do you keep your lips soft and pretty during the cold months? What’s your favorite fall lip color? Let me know!