10 Ways to Wear Matte Lipstick


Matte lipstick has a higher content of wax and pigment and less oil than standard lipstick. This makes the final product more opaque and more deeply colored.

It is possible to get outstanding color contrast with matte lipstick, but only if the product is applied appropriately, because matte lipstick doesn’t wear like gloss lipstick. Read on to see who should be wearing this new trend and to learn some techniques for making it look great.

1. Fine and Smooth

Matte lipstick has a tendency to adhere to dry areas and rough patches of skin. To ensure that you have the right surface on which to apply a matte product, start by exfoliating your lips. A simple rub with honey and sugar will work wonders on lips, but you can purchase a commercial product as well.

Exfoliate your lips once per week if you wear matte lipstick often. Light colors tend to show irregularities more than dark matte colors do, so exfoliating is more important with light shades.