9 Tips for Buying and Wearing Perfect Shapewear


Purchasing and wearing shapewear is not as easy as many of us think! If you’ve never wore shapewear, but you want to try, make sure you buy pieces that really flatter your body. These things are pretty expensive so get the most for your money with these tips for buying and wearing perfect shapewear!

1. Find out what your problem areas are

Before buying and wearing shapewear, find out what exactly your trouble spots are and what you want to minimize or emphasize. There are many different options in shapewear, like shapewear for the thighs, waist, chest area, and all-in-one pieces (body shapers). Before buying think about what areas you want to slim down as well as what you are going to be wearing.

2. Get a good fit

Another important tip on buying shapewear is to try it on! While online shopping is very easy, the bad part is that you are not able to try it on. Before you invest in anything, head to the stores and try some shapewear on. Different brands have different sizes. Try it on and make sure it gives you a smooth and sleek silhouette you are seeking.

3. Buy the right size

While we go up and down a bra size in order to get a perfect fit, the same rule doesn’t apply to choosing shapewear. Keep in mind that going down a shapewear size will not guarantee a sleeker figure, it could be quite uncomfortable! Too large shapewear won’t be fitted enough to cover your problem areas. Moreover, wearing smaller shapewear will create lumps in undesirable places and could compress your organs!

4. Buy a couple of pieces of shapewear

If you are trying shapewear for the first time, purchase a couple of different pieces to ensure a good fit. Shapewear can often feel fine when you try it on, but once you wear it, you might want to rip it off! Get the size you feel comfy in and the size up so you are covered either way!

5. Get measured

To get a good fit, be sure to get measure. Go to the department store and have your size professionally measured so you can get the best fit possible. There is nothing more annoying than wearing the wrong size, so feel free to ask to get measured! You’ll save yourself a lot of money, time and frustration as well!

6. Research

When buying shapewear, make sure you read reviews and do research on brands. Sure, reading reviews and doing research will not guarantee a right fit, but it will help make buying much easier! By the way, many reviews are honest and helpful, and they can help you navigate easily through the different brands and various options.

7. Try on a few brands of shapewear

Before buying, be sure to try on a few brands of shapewear. If you have the time, you can even try out all the options to get the best match possible. If you are trying out shapewear for the first time, go for a more inexpensive brand. Shop around and try out all your options and you may end up wearing it more often than you planned!

8. One size never fits all

Do you know that shapewear isn’t limited to smaller sizes? There are many lines that offer different sizes. You can find a variety of tops, pants, and camis in plus sizes! And another great thing is that although they do a great job minimizing bulges, they don’t minimize your natural curves!

9. Wear it daily

Another thing you need to know is that it is good to wear shapewear every day if you wish, of course. Don’t reserve your shapewear only for special occasions. You can wear it every day so you feel more confident and comfortable in your work wear! You can also buy leggings and jeggings, so you won’t have any problems going to the bathroom. Daily shapewear is great!

Hope these tips will help you choose perfect shapewear! Shapewear is an amazing way to look sleeker and feel more confident in your everyday clothes! Have you ever worn shapewear? Do you have any other tips? Please comment below.