8 Amazing Sale Shopping Secrets You Need to Know


Have you ever wondered what some of the sale shopping secrets are? Although I consider myself very organized, it seems like there’s always someone buying the last jeans in my size right before me. But now I know these amazing sale shopping secrets and want to share them with you! Keep reading…

1. Have a game plan

Having a plan is one of the best sale shopping secrets you should know. Don’t grab anything beautiful that just happens to catch your eye, buy the things that you really need. Make a list of any gaps in your closet to keep you on track when you are shopping. Do you need new dress, shoes or swimwear? Choose the most important pieces and buy them first.

2. Check your size

If you find something beautiful but your size is already sold out, it can be tempting to reach for a size too big or a size too small. But don’t do it, because you will just end up not wearing it. When I find trousers, skirts or dresses that I really must have, I always go a size too big and then just have them altered. For jackets and coats, altering is pretty pricey and sometimes doesn’t work well. And as for lingerie, well, I actually have a drawer full of amazing bras that are too big or too small. They are not comfortable, and they don’t fit and don’t flatter at all. So never buy too big or too small underwear!

3. Shop for coats and boots in the sun

Many shops can put out their old-stock from other seasons during the sale, so be sure to check it out. Perhaps, you don’t feel like shopping for coats and boots in the summer, but you can get a great choice and a much better price. You can also buy a beautiful new cashmere sweater, if you find the one.

4. Don’t splurge

Before you leave the house, you should know exactly how much you can spend. First of all, figure out how much you can comfortably spend, and then decide how much you want to spend. Knowing your budget will stop you from overspending. If you know you’re prone to overspending, draw out your budget in cash, and leave your credit card at home!

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5. Check prices

Checking prices is another sale shopping secret you should know! I usually use my phone to do a quick Google and compare prices. It may have a good markdown in this shop, but the next door might have them even cheaper. So always check prices! Also, pay attention the refund policies of the shop. You may find that sales items cannot be returned, so be sure to know your rights before you buy!

6. Dress comfortably

Before choosing your shopping outfit think about where you’re going. You can wear something really gorgeous to show off your shopping style, but that might not be practical! If you’re going for general sale shopping, wear a T-shirt and jeans, so that you will have something to try on with different tops, trousers and skirts. If you’re doing sample sale shopping, keep in mind that they don’t have changing rooms, so any trying on will be done in front of others. Wear a tight fitting vest top and leggings and you will slip any clothes on over the top.

7. Go to your favorite shops first

It’s really a good idea to become good friends with the staff at some great shops. They always get advanced notice of sales that they can pass on to you. If you become a regular customer, you can even ask sales people to set pieces aside for you.

8. Don’t buy it, if you won’t wear it!

Whether it’s a pencil skirt or vintage tea dress, it can really be easy to convince yourself that you will wear it when it’s on sale. But, in fact, you’re no more likely to wear it at 80% off than you’re if it cost $800. Don’t buy it, if you will not wear it. Save your hard-earned money for something that you know you will certainly wear.

This may sound like a lot of effort, but if you use these sale shopping secrets, you can be absolutely sure that you will come home with the bags full of things that you like and that you will definitely wear! Do you have any sale shopping secrets? Let me know!