8 Tips for a Healthy House You’ll Be Happy to Live


If you are going to improve the environment of your house, then you will find a few of these tips very helpful. There are many things that make your house unhealthy, including those that you’d never even consider. Your home should be comforting and safe, not a place that makes you sick! But with some changes, it’s possible to improve the quality of a home. Check out 8 tips for a healthy house you’ll be happy to live.

1. Regular house cleaning

Apparently, a clean home is healthy and pleasant, but try not to overdo it, as it is suspected of causing allergies, because people are not exposed to germs. In this way they fail to build up the immune system naturally. Nobody wants to live in filth, but don’t clean your home obsessively with antibacterial products.

2. Fresh air

Another tip for a healthy house is to open the windows as often as possible and bring fresh air in. This ventilates the home, and helps prevent mold that is not good for our health. If the weather permits, open windows and allow the room to ventilate. Don’t forget to ventilate your bathroom, it is also a damp place.

3. No smoking inside a home

Don’t smoke inside and even near the home, so that no one else is exposed to cigarette smoke, of course it’s much better not to smoke at all. Don’t allow anyone to smoke indoors. Except the fact that the smell will remain, do you really want to breathe in someone else’s secondhand smoke?

4. Chemical care

Nowadays most of us have lots of chemicals in our houses. It’s time to look for the ways of reducing the presence of toxic chemicals in your home. Try to avoid the use of fresh air room sprays, open the windows instead, or make your own sprays by adding a few drops of essential oil to water in a spray bottle.

5. Homemade cleaners

Most cleaning products are very toxic, so they must be used with caution. For example, oven cleaners and drain unblockers can be extremely dangerous to breathe in. It is much healthier to make your own cleaning products that will not harm you, your children and your pets.

6. Redecorating

When you are redecorating your house, make sure any room you paint in is well ventilated, and don’t use the room until the wallpaper paste or paint has dried. If you are extremely sensitive to paint fumes, you need opt to odor free paints.

7. Dust

Dust can cause some breathing problems and allergies. One of the best ways to dust is to use a damp cloth, because it causes the dust to stick to the damp cloth. A dry cloth only moves the dust around and stirs it into the air. Dust properly all items, and don’t forget about books.

8. Cleaning areas that are commonly missed

When you are cleaning, it’s very easy to overlook lots of areas in the home that get unhealthily and grimy dirty. Pull out your furniture and clean underneath and behind it. From time to time, clean such things as light switches, and vacuum the mattresses to remove dead skin and dust mites.

We should make our homes safe and comfortable, but we often don’t realize that our homes can be detrimental to our health. Don’t be paranoiac, but try to clean your house regularly. These hints will definitely help you to improve the quality of your house environment. Do you have some other tips? Share your thoughts, please!